Fire Master Plan 2016 Final Version

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Augusta Master Fire Plan Final v3


Augusta Fire Services has proudly served the community for over sixty years. From humble beginnings, it now provides a sophisticated range and depth of services. The Department consists of committed and skilled firefighters who are dedicated to provide assistance to those who require help in time of greatest need. Whether it is a medical emergency, a fire, or providing public fire prevention education, all members of the Department strive to perform professionally and competently to exceed the public’s expectations. There is a pervasive and profound sense of duty to serve shared by all members.

To continue to advance and ensure that the services provided are appropriate, efficient and effective, the Department has undertaken its first Fire Master Plan. This Plan is the result of both an external review and internal analysis of the Department. The Plan benchmarks the performance of the Department against both Ontario Fire Marshall (OFM) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. It also reflects a comprehensive internal analysis realized through a comprehensive engagement process to identify the Mission, Vision and Values of the Department and determine cultural, organizational or other issues that may adversely impact efficiency and effectiveness.

The Plan describes the current state of the Department and provides recommendations to improve service delivery. It has been developed for a five year time frame from June 2016 to July 2021.
The Report proposes strategic improvements that will make the operation of the Fire Service more efficient. It addresses the challenges of recruiting and retaining volunteer firefighters. Infrastructure has been critically examined and need for priority remediation identified.

Fire Departments are evolving with growing emphasis on prevention rather than response. Further, the legislative, regulatory and liability environment has changed markedly with far greater emphasis on safety, accountability and risk management. Performance expectations have increased dramatically such that roles and responsibilities continue to change with new responsibilities. The resulting workload will requires a different approach to staffing particularly with respect to leadership.

Advancements to technology will necessitate upgrades to out-of-date systems. Staff training must be more than achieving base level competency; it must be an ongoing process in attaining excellence.

Change is only worthwhile when the benefits exceed the costs and will only be achieved when there is support to implement and sustain the new direction. This Plan has been prepared with the active participation of the Department’s Firefighters and Officers. We are confident that the recommendations are supported, can be implemented and will result in continuation of our tradition of service excellence.

Robert Bowman, Chief,
Township of Augusta Fire Service

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