Augusta Township installs its new Council

Augusta Township installs its new Council

Augusta Matters by Mayor Doug Malanka

On Monday, December 3rd, 2018, Augusta Township held its inaugural meeting to install its new members of Council for the next four years.  Council members include, Deputy Mayor Jeff Shaver and Councillors Tanya Henry, Samantha Schapelhouman, and Michele Bowman.  The gallery consisted of proud family members and well-wishers there to witness the formal appointment process.  The Honourable Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing was also in attendance to administer the Declaration of Office to Council members elect.  Prior to doing so, Minister Clark congratulated the new Council members‑elect and noted that municipally elected officials are the closed level of government to the people and perform an important role.  He added that he is always available to held help Councils and Municipalities however he can. Following the declarations of office, I spoke briefly as Augusta Township’s newly appointed Mayor.  As first order of business, I thanked Minister Clark for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to participate in our inaugural ceremony.  I noted that Minister Clark’s presence was evidence of his long commitment over the years to Municipalities and elected officials in his riding.  I thank him for the assistance he has provided to Augusta Township in the past and indicated looking forward to an ongoing relationship.

Next, I congratulated the new members of Council on their appointment and told them that being a member of Council is both challenging and rewarding.  I added that this is truly an important day and expressed the hope that their respective families and friends are proud of what they have attained.

It was suggested to members of Council that we have been entrusted by Augusta Township residents to provide leadership to make our Township humane, resilient and sustainable.  In this election, Mayoral candidates offered the electorate two different directions.  One was to make financial restraint the priority of the Township and the other was to make economic development the priority for the Township while exercising careful and responsible spending of the Township’s precious tax dollars.  The majority of the electorate opted for the second with the hope of our achieving lower taxes, more jobs and stronger families and community.  I said how much I looked look forward to our working together this term towards realizing these goals and for making Augusta Township truly, a Community of Opportunity.

Also submitted was that members of Council will have to address many subjects that will include everything from: routine matters connected with approving tenders; approving the expenditure of funds for the purchase of goods or services; the oversight of Municipal operations and the setting of policy on a myriad of topics.  To assist us in our deliberations, staff will provide us with reports and recommendations on issues for our consideration and debate.  The role of Council members is to read and understand Staff reports before arriving for meetings, to put forth our views during meetings, to listen to and assess the views of other Council members.  The decision of Council is then made through the democratic of voting.  Finally, respect and decorum are a must for efficient and effective Council.  Following my address, new members of Council were invited to speak and each in turn thanked everyone for the support they had received and affirmed their commitment to doing the best job they can do.  The ceremony was then followed by a reception.