Augusta Township passes a By law for licencing, regulating and governing the operation of seasonal events in the Township

Augusta Township passes a By‑law for licencing, regulating and governing the operation of seasonal events in the Township.

Augusta Matters by Mayor Doug Malanka

At its regular meeting of Council held on January 25th, 2019, Council approved By‑Law 3389‑2018 which authorizes the Township to licence, regulate and govern the operation of seasonal special events in the Township.  This action was recommended by the Police Services Board (PSB) at its meeting held on December 17th, 2018 following an application by a local entrepreneur to hold snowmobile drag races in the Township in February 2019.  Inspector Dobson’s recommended at PSB meeting that the Township ensure all parties are well insured and provisions are in place to provide traffic control in the location throughout the event.  Authority for By‑Law 3389‑2018 comes from the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended, which authorizes the Township to pass by‑laws for licencing, regulating and govern any business wholly or in part carried on with the Municipality, and to impose fees or charges for permits and services provided by the Township.  Under By‑Law 3389‑2018, it is an offence to conduct a for‑profit seasonal special event in Augusta Township without a current valid licence for the event.  A licence will only be issued if the applicant meets the requirements of this By‑law and a complete application is filed and all licence fees paid.  If things go as event organizers plan, the snow mobile drags will take place in February 2019, on the Robinson farm south of Charleville Road across from the Grenville Snowmobile Club.

At the same regular meeting of Council, CAO Morrison submitted a report to Council that summarized municipal drain maintenance activities accomplished in 2018 and planned for 2019.  OMFRA requires municipalities to submit this information in support of any Township Drainage Superintendent Grant Application.  In 2018, the Township completed major maintenance work on three of our municipal drains, the Mud Creek Drain (in the Lords Mills area) and the Fox and Streight Drains, both north of Kemptville Creek, west of Garretton.    The work included removal of trees and brush, digging the drains back down to their original engineered depths, distribution of the related dirt and the removal of beaver dams.  The maintained drains are working well and water levels have dropped dramatically.

In co-ordination with the Township’s drainage maintenance work, the Township re-invigorated its beaver control program, moving from reactively addressing dams as they were reported to proactively removing them on a scheduled basis.  This is keeping the drains working as intended and assists the Township in identifying cave-ins and other blockages where spot cleaning may be required on an ongoing basis.

Work planned in 2019 includes refreshing inspections and possible incremental work in connection with the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and local landowners on improving the flow on the Kemptville Creek east of North Augusta.  The Township will be contacting affected residents to review and discuss drainage work alternatives before it is implemented.

The Township will also continue its ongoing beaver control program and spot cleaning of previously maintained drains, as needed.

Work of previous Councils and this Council’s commitment to maintain the municipality’s municipal drains on a priority basis is paying off. Farmland is now being reclaimed along several of the drains that have been cleaned out and within municipal drain watersheds which have not been accessible due to flooding for many years.  The continued focus of this Council is to return our remaining municipal drains to their past effectiveness and fallow acreage to productive farmland going forward.  Drainage Superintendent costs are included in the draft 2019 budget at $41,212.80, with 50% ($20,606.40) eligible for an OMAFRA grant.  The beaver control budget at $20,000 is consistent with prior years and adequate to address the proactive work proposed. Council received the report for information and authorized the CAO to submit a grant application to OMFRA for the 2019 maintenance work.