Majority of Augusta Township residents decline home garbage pickup services

Majority of Augusta Township residents decline home garbage pickup services

Augusta Matters by Mayor Doug Malanka

At its regular meeting of Council held on Thursday, February 28th, 2019, Augusta Council received, reviewed and accepted a recommendation from its Operation Review Committee (ORC) that the Township not offer home garbage pickup.  Deputy Mayor Jeff Shaver who is also Chair of the ORC, told Council that a survey had been conducted on the Township’s Facebook site.  Residents were asked if they wanted to have home garbage pickup if it could be offered at approximately $300 per year.  While 423 residents expressed interest, approximately 70% said no.  This has been the overall position of residents for years.  On another Agenda item, Fire Chief Rob Bowman told Council that construction of the new Fire Hall in Maitland continues on schedule and work on the interior walls and mechanical and electrical rough‑in is currently in progress.  Chief Bowman added the contractor, architects, engineers, Staff and Deputy Mayor Jeff Shaver, Council’s representative, meet biweekly to address issues that may have arisen since the last meeting and to ensure the project remains on‑schedule, on‑budget. Pictures of construction progress can be viewed at the Township Website. Council recently toured the new Fire Hall site to see the current state of construction and to see what additional construction measures go into making a building post‑disaster before the finishing of walls begins.  Deputy Mayor Shaver observed during the tour that qualifying a building as post disaster involves a lot of labour intensive time connected with the installation of specialty support walls, steel structural beams, metal hold‑down clips and a lot more steel for reinforcing of floor and foundation.  The engineer added that there are other design features that go into making the building qualify as post disaster proof.

On another matter, Augusta Township will be issuing the first edition of its new publication entitled, The Augusta Quarterly.  The Augusta Quarterly provides readers with an up‑to‑date community events calendar and will be available on Augusta’s Website and Facebook.  Activity is the corner stone of a healthy lifestyle and community connection and residents are encouraged to look into this.

Gary Albers, who sits on Augusta Township’s Economic Development and Tourism Committee of Council, advised today that March is National Engineering Month.  Volunteers from the provincial and territorial regulators host over 500 events that show how rewarding an engineering career can be. Throughout this month, volunteer Engineers from the local Thousand Islands Chapter of Professional Engineers Ontario are holding bridge building competitions at 12 schools in the region, including St. Lawrence Academy in Prescott.

Finally, Augusta Township’s Community Development and Planning Coordinator, Nicole Walker, thanks everyone who took part in the Township’s Family Day excursion held at Limerick Forrest on Monday, February 18, 2019.  Nicole reported that participants had a wonderful time exploring nature and tobogganing.  The event was a project of the Township’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) and Augusta Township is hoping that more of its youth will get involved in the Committee.