Congratulations to the Leeds and Grenville Small Business and Trade show organizers and participants

Congratulations to the Leeds and Grenville Small Business and Trade show organizers and participants

Augusta Matters by Mayor Doug Malanka

Over the past years, Augusta Township, the Town of Prescott and the Township of Edwardsburgh-Cardinal jointly sponsored an annual Business Showcase Exhibition.  This year the three partnership municipalities jointly agreed to stand down on this year’s event in favour of supporting David Annable of Annable Designs and the Leeds and Grenville Approved Professionals in their planned Leeds and Grenville Small Business and Trade Show that took place at the Leo Boivin Arena in Prescott on March 8th and 9th.  In the early days of organizing the tri‑municipality annual showcase event, the hope was always that some private industry organization would take over the event because of their direct interest and because the task demands a great deal of volunteer and staff time in the past, at the 3 municipalities.  Augusta couldn’t be more pleased with its decision given the great success of this weekend’s Leeds and Grenville Small Business and Trade Show.

I must confess to not attending the event as I was out of area visiting family, but the feedback from Ray Morrison, Augusta Township’s CAO, and others is that the event was a total success and surpassed attendance of previous showcases.  Staff and councillors were in attendance throughout the Show staffing the Augusta Township booth and provided the following observations.  For its booth, Augusta Township worked together to amass and display information and educational material from our Township departments that included Economic Development; Building, Planning, Recreation, Fire, Public Works and Waste Management.  The Township booth also included material from our municipal partners being the United Counties Economic Development Directorate, the St Lawrence Corridor Economic Development Commission, Augusta Township’s Library and various Augusta Recreation Associations and parks.  The Augusta Township booth became a go‑to destination for various vendors at the event who wanted to ensure that the Municipalities are aware of their presence in the Community and the variety of the services they have to offer.  New ventures in Augusta Township presenting at the show included: Maid to Shine in the Augusta Business Centre on County Road 2; Joly Jam Heritage Hog Farm on the 6th Concession; Valley Stamped Concrete located at the corner of County Road 15 and the Land‑of‑Nod Road; and Ann MacLaughlan’s Ceremony Company (Humanist Officiant) and Story Collector (Collection and publishing of personal histories.)  CAO Morrison also reported that he learned of many new services operating outside Augusta Township that provide many services to Augusta residents.  Staff and Council discussions with visitors and vendors could lead to many new projects for the Township.

Finally, Mr. Morrison noted that vendors and participants were very positive in their assessments and he held that the show was a great success for the promotor and the region.  Many thanks and congratulations go to David Annable, the LG Certified Trades Association and everyone who assisted and contributed to the success of the show!

On a separate matter, Augusta residents are advised that the interim Municipal Tax Bill were sent out on March 5th, 2019.  If you directly pay your taxes and have not received a bill please contact the Office, 613-925-4231.  Please note residents who pay their taxes through a mortgage will not receive an interim bill.

Please note that as of Monday, March 11, 2019 – half load restrictions are in place on all Township roads until further notice.