Augusta Council conducts road tour to look at road work being proposed by staff in the 2019

Augusta Council conducts road tour to look at road work being proposed by staff in the 2019

Augusta Matters by Mayor Doug Malanka

On Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019, CAO Morrison and Public Works, Mike Riberdy conducted a road tour for Council to give Council members an opportunity to observe first-hand what road maintenance projects consistent with the Township’s Asset Plan are proposed in the 2019 Budget that will be submitted shortly for their approval.

The Asset Management Plan reflects the conclusions and recommendations from the Engineering Road Needs Study that was conducted in 2012 and updated in 2016.  The engineering study assesses the condition of all roads in the Township and applies best practice of the day aimed at preserving existing paved roads to maximize their expected life and thereby enable the Township to ensure maximum value for dollars spent. The following are the road projects planned in 2019 consistent with the Township’s 10 Year Asset Management Plan (i) Gravel Road Resurfacing work adding 150 mm of granular stone from 1085 Forsythe Rd to Shanty Trail-to-Augusta to the North Grenville Town Line (approx. 3.22 kilometers (km)); (ii) Pulverizing and Resurfacing – Double Lift (PR2 work from 1110 Weir Road to County Road (CR) 18 to Augusta and Edwardsburgh‑Cardinal Town line (approx. 1.77 km); (iii) PR2 work from 270 Bisseltown Road to Spicer Road‑to Knapp Drive (approx. 0.74 km); (iv) GRR2 work from 1030 Brooks Road to CR 18 to CR 18 (approx. 1.42 km); and (v) Basic Resurfacing  – single lift (R1) work from 5030 Baker Street to Corbett Street to 4th  Concession (approx. 0.68 km); completion of tenders awarded in 2018 on Lords Mills road from Charleville Road to Blue Church Road and Richmond and Amherst streets in Maitland.

The tour also looked at what culvert and bridge projects are planned for 2019.  PR2 road work originally scheduled for 2019 on the Jellyby Road from Rock Springs Road to CR 15 was completed in 2016 year in coordination with Elizabethtown Kitley making funds available for use this year as follows: PR2 work from 4th Concession from Blue Church Road to the Charleville Road; and PR2 work on Main Street in North Augusta including storm water sewers.  CAO Morrison identified that staff will consider work on the McCully Road (Skakum to CR18); Lemon Point Road for resurface work and storm water management; paved shoulders/sidewalks in North Augusta; and major ditching and GRR2 work on the Algonquin Road and Concession 6.  Costs are yet to be determined for the optional work if funds become available.  Council members found the road tour to be instructive with answers to technical questions about road resurfacing and rationale for what is proposed.  Council members also learned that the Counties will be conducting Storm Drain work at CR 6 and CR 15, in the village of North Augusta.

On a separate matter, the Maitland Education and Recreation Committee (MERC) is looking for volunteers!  MERC needs a volunteer or volunteers to set up and operate the Committee’s Soccer season Canteen every Saturday morning during the months of May & June 2019.   The Canteen is a great snack stop for parents and kids, and a fundraiser for MERC.  In addition, MERC needs a volunteer or volunteers to plan and implement a BBQ Fundraising Dinner.  This has been a successful community building event in recent years, and a great tradition to continue.  The date of the event will be arranged with the planning team.  If you think you could help contact Nicole Walker at the Township Office – Please!