Augusta Council passes its 2019 budget that adopts a tax levy of 1.99 percent

Augusta Council passes its 2019 budget that adopts a tax levy of 1.99 percent

Augusta Matters by Mayor Doug Malanka

At its regular meeting of Council on April 23, 2019 Council passed the Township’s budget for 2019 that increases the levy by 1.99%. The budget specifies that revenue in will amount to $8,515,333 with: $4,884,247 or 57.4 % from taxation; $1,375,812 or 16.2 % or coming from grants; $139,048 or 1.6 % from licences, permits and fees; $220,500 or 2.6 % from interest and miscellaneous; and $1,895,726 or 22.3% coming from reserves.  Expenditures including contributions to reserves, include: Council and Administration – $763,222 or 9%; Fire Department ‑ $1,340,332 or 15.7 %; Police ‑ $1,024,211 or 12.0 %; Conservation Authorities ‑ $48,351 or 0.6%; Building Bylaw Enforcement and CEMP ‑ $157,173 or 1.8%; Transportation – $3,941,000 or 46.3%; Waste Management ‑ $626,942 of 7.4%; Recreation/Library ‑ $326,477 or 3.8 %; and Planning and Economic Development ‑ $287,625 or 3.4%.  Transfers to the School Boards and to the UCLG Counties amounted to $1,895,356 and $3,023,354 respectively for a total Budget of $13,434,043.

Bylaw #3415‑2019 formally adopts the yearly estimates, tax rates and further provides for penalties and interest for those in default of payment.  Specifically, Bylaw #3415‑2019 implements the levying of $4,884,247 for all Augusta Township purposes of 2019 and adopts the various municipal tax class rates.  The Bylaw also specifies that the tax rates specified therein become due and payable on the 30th day of September 2019.  See the Bylaw for full information in regard of interest for taxes in default.

Overall Residential rates increased slightly in 2019 based on a combination of an increase in current assessment value of all properties in the Township, Township tax rate increases, offset by no increase in County rates and a decrease in School Board rates.  To understand the increase in tax levy, residents in a home with an assessed value of $100,000 will pay 0.22% or $2.44 more than in 2018 and families in a median or typical home valued at $200,002, will see an increase of $16.20 over 2018.  Further details of Augusta’s 2019 Budget can be found on the Township website.

On a separate matter, I am informed that the Prescott Ducks Unlimited Canada Conservation Dinner and Auction will be held at the Roebuck Hall in Augusta Township on Saturday, May 25th, 2019, with doors opening at 5:30 pm and dinner at 7 pm.  Tickets are $40 per person and can be obtained by contacting Jim Holmes at 613‑925‑4800 or or Paul Van Luit at 613‑925‑0020 or