Augusta Council holds its regular Council meeting in North Augusta

Augusta Council holds its regular Council meeting in North Augusta

Augusta Matters by Mayor Doug Malanka

At its regular meeting of Council on May 6th, 2019, at the North Augusta Recreation Hall, Council adopted several motions to authorize the Clerk and Mayor to enter into the contracts for service.  In this regard, Council authorized the Clerk and Mayor to enter into a contract with G. Tackaberry & Sons Construction Company Limited at an estimated upset cost of $176,467.20 plus H.S.T. for the supply and spreading of an estimated quantity of 14,140 tonnes of Granular M crushed stone as per Tender No. 2019-002.  Every year the Township contracts out the supply and spreading of Granular M crushed stone for resurfacing of gravel roads to maintain the road surface for structural adequacy, provide better drainage and prevent exposing the sub-base.  The roads that will receive granular material this year are as per the 2019 Road Maintenance Program.  The granular material application has a three-year rotation program to maintain the gravel roads.  The 2019 Road Maintenance Program will cover 28.2 km of gravel roads. The Township only received one Tender submission.

In addition, Council authorized the CAO/Treasurer to enter into an agreement with Morris Chemicals for the supply and application of approximately 260,000 litres of liquid dust suppressants on the Township’s gravel roads for the estimated amount of $62,920.00 plus H.S.T.  The application of liquid dust suppressants on gravel roads is used to minimize the dust levels, stabilize the road base and reduce the grading operation over the summer months.  A request for quotation (RFQ) was advertised on Merx and the Township Website and it specified that the scope of work consists of loading, delivering and application of the liquid dust suppressant using tanker type equipment.  The Township only received one quote.

Finally, Council agreed to set aside the Procurement Policy regarding sole sourcing and authorized the CAO/Treasurer and Mayor to extend the current contract with BluMetric Environmental for another year to provide environmental monitoring and reporting services for the Maynard Wetland System at an upset cost of $27, 344 for 2019.  Staff advised Council in its Report that BluMetric Environmental has an advantage over possible competitors in this case due to: their familiarity with the Township’s Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) for the North Augusta Waste Disposal Site; the Certificate of Approval for the Maynard Waste Disposal Site; the ECA for the Maynard Wetland System; and their knowledge and history of the sites.

At the same meeting, Council voted to defeat a motion authorizing a By-Law to Control Nuisance Dust.  In doing so, Council noted the recommendation from the Operations, Planning Advisory Committee and legal advice that the By‑law was not widely required and would be difficult to enforce.  Council also deferred a motion to adopt a new Establishing and Regulating (E&R) Bylaw for the Township.  Fire Chief Rob Bowman advised Council that the current E&R By-Law for the Fire Service was last updated in 2008 and an updated version is needed to ensure the By-Law reflects the changes to Augusta Fire Rescue and the Fire Service in Ontario. Chief Bowman advised Council that an E&R By-Law is a policy document that confirms how the municipality delivers fire protection services that it has determined are necessary according to its needs and circumstances and as is required by the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997 (FPPA).  In addition, an E&R Bylaw specifies the type and level of fire protection services provided.  Chief Bowman added that the proposed E&R By-Law meets the recommendation 4, 12, 27 and 54 of Augusta Township’s Fire Master Plan and that the proposed E&R By‑Law was updated with consultation from the Ontario Fire Marshal as well as our neighbouring departments.  Council decided to defer passage of the Bylaw until they have had a little more time to review the lengthy and substantial Bylaw.

Finally, and on a different matter, Augusta Township’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is holding a fund raising event to build a basketball court that duals as a skating rink.  Towards this end, YAC is holding a movie night on Friday, May 10th starting at 6 pm at the Merc Hall located at 120 East McLean Blvd, Maitland.  The cost is $5 per person.