A Note from the desk of Deputy Mayor Shaver 02

A Note from the desk of Deputy Mayor Shaver

Augusta Matters by Deputy Mayor Jeff Shaver

With Victoria Day long weekend behind us, many residents have begun planting flowers and gardens along with the farming community that are preparing their crops throughout the township.  The water levels on the St. Lawrence are still high with several docks under water along County Road 2.  Residents should remain vigilante to changing water levels and adjust their protective measures accordingly (sandbag barriers, weights on docks, etc). Sand for sandbagging is available at the MERC Hall. During this time, continuous watershed flooding and river level updates are submitted by our Community Emergency Management and SDWS Water Sampling Coordinator, Mr. Hans Werner-Mackeler.  Hans has extensive experience and background that allows him to provide prevention recommendations to our residents and the Township Staff. Let’s hope the water levels return to their normal levels soon.

As part of my role of Deputy Mayor, I am proud to be a member of the construction committee for the new municipal fire station in Maitland (Station No. 1).  Progress is going well despite the high winds and damp weather.  During the construction meetings, there is one characteristic that really stands out. This is the thought process that took place before the construction started and ongoing. Yes, professional engineers and architects were contracted but I am referring to Chief Rob Bowman and his firefighters from both stations in Augusta that gave critical input (and a lot of efficiency practically) in the form or recommendations that will aid the firefighters to provide the best service to this township as well as mutual aid to other townships and Hwy 401.  At this time, I would like to mention that your Augusta Firefighters have begun training for the 107th annual Eastern Ontario Firefighters Association Competition which will be held in South Mountain on June 22. These competitions include a variety of physically challenging events that test firefighter skills and encourage camaraderie. Following the competition and the parade, a dance will take place from 8:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. featuring country music artist Brea Lawrenson. Please come out and support your local firefighters. Also, Augusta Fire Rescue is recruiting firefighters for both the Maitland and North Augusta Stations. If you have extra time and want to make a huge difference in your community please apply. Applications can be found at www.augustafire.ca

I imagine most residents and readers have heard about the recently provincial 50 Million Trees program cancellation.  Since 2007, the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA) has relied on this program that has planted 200,000 trees each spring. Without this program, it is expected that RVCA will only plant 20,000 trees each year.   Under this program, landowners currently pay as low as $0.15 per tree or $120.00 per acre to reforest their retired fields and marginal lands.  Without this program, it will drastically reduce the number of trees being planted in the Rideau Valley Watershed, not to mention the job losses at the Ferguson Forestry Centre in Kemptville. The RVCA is looking to have support from the residents of several communities to provide this cost effective initiative and continue growing the legacy of a successful tree planting program. Donations, corporate sponsorships, etc. are welcome as well as more information please contact diane.downey@rvcf.ca or 613-692-3571, ext.  1126.

In closing, visit our Augusta Township website www.augusta.ca and join our Facebook group (Augusta Township).  We do our best to announce different events, council meetings and other important information for our residents.  Also we will soon be publishing our Augusta Quarterly Newsletter for our residents.  This will cover the next four months for events, reminders and information for residents. If you would like to place a submission, please provide it to officeclerk@augusta.ca by May 24th, 2019.