A Note from the desk of Deputy Mayor Shaver 03

A Note from the desk of Deputy Mayor Shaver

Augusta Matters by Deputy Mayor Jeff Shaver

At its regular meeting of council on May 27, at Maynard, two residents who volunteered were appointed to the Operations and Waste Management Committee in order to meet the required number for the committee.  This committee meets during the day on the second Thursday of each month.  As mentioned in my column last week, we are continuing to monitor the St. Lawrence River levels each day.  Public works and our fire department are consulting daily with our Emergency Management Coordinator.  Residents can go to the township website and view “Riverwatch” reports that give important water level information and recommendations.  We have been notified that the levels on the St Lawrence will still continue to be a concern and residents are advised to monitor their properties consistently and use due diligence for the next two weeks.

On another note, I would like to mention for residents to be cautious on the secondary roads along Hwy 401.  Due to the recent road construction on Hwy 401, transports unfamiliar with our local roads are taking unacceptable routes to get around the highway construction.  Therefore, we have put up barriers and local traffic only signs in some locations to discourage those transport drivers and other through traffic.

At the same meeting, a presentation was made by Anne Weir from the Leeds Grenville Economic Development.  Anne explained the strategic focus for the organization which involves the following areas: Leadership and capacity building, business investment and attraction, business retention and expansion, tourism and marketing and communication.  Annually the Counties’ Economic Development Department pursues activities in support of these strategic areas, while adjusting activities based on economic trends and opportunities. The department remains flexible and able to quickly react and address impacts on the local and regional economy.  One example of the cooperation and support of Anne’s team pertaining to tourism leads me into my next sentence.  I would like to offer congratulations to the 1000 Islands and Rideau Canal Garden Trail that is celebrating its fifth anniversary. There are approximately twelve gorgeous sites and this number is growing within the Trail.  In our township, we are fortunate to have two sites that have produced great numbers of visitors from many countries.  Congratulations to Mary Ann Van Berlo of Van Berlo Gardens and Colleen O’Connell & David Cybulski  of Garden of Hope both in the Maitland area.  It is not uncommon to see a bus of tourists in front of their property admiring and learning about the gardens.  They solely rely on donations and enjoy listening and speaking about gardening experiences.  A green thumbs up to both parties.