A Note from the desk of Deputy Mayor Shaver 04

A Note from the desk of Deputy Mayor Shaver

Augusta Matters by Deputy Mayor Jeff Shaver

Water, water, everywhere. Our farming community are trying their best to finish their planting as well as too much water in the fields will damage some crops that have been already planted. Our residents along the St. Lawrence are experiencing more flooding. Lake Ontario has now exceeded the 2017 high of 75.88 metres. The level is expected to rise slightly for at least another week. Residents with residential, shoreline or other structural issues as a result of the 2017/2019 high water situation may want to contact an engineer to provide advice about improvements to negate or minimize damage in the event of future high-water occurrences. Recommendations from an engineer for solutions for: hydrostatic water entry into basements, raising or relocating utilities, retaining walls, drainage systems, docks, septic systems, etc. Residents can find more information on “River Watch 2019” section of the Augusta Township website.

With all this rain, it certainly has not hindered the growing of weeds on our properties or alongside the roadways. The township contracts the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville to spray our ditches for noxious weeds- particularly wild parsnip. We have received notification that our township is the first in the counties to have spraying which commenced May 30th. More information including a list of township roads in the rotation for spraying this year and how to post “No Spraying” signs on your property if you do not want them to spray is all available on our website.

In closing and to end in a very positive and inspiring note, I would like to congratulate Augusta Councillor Schapelhouman (Samantha) and her family on their new addition of a baby girl (Mattaya) born of May 25th. Also, I would like to mention two of our Augusta youths that have enrolled in the Summer Company Program provided by the Leeds & Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre. These students are Danica Cole, who will run Ecocharge Vintage Clothing. She will buy second-hand clothes and accessories and “up-cycle” them for those who are conscious of the environment and reuse movement. Lauren Pringle will sell journals with WeDoMore Journals where 75 per cent of the revenue goes to the purchaser’s charity of choice. Lauren can be reached at pringlelaur@gmail.com and Danica at danica.cole@my.ucdsb.ca We wish both students the best in their summer venture.