On Tuesday, July 30, 2019 there was a joint Council meeting for the Augusta, Edwardsburg-Cardinal and Prescott Council.  To read the media release regarding this meeting, please click on the link below: Tri-Council Media Release

Line Painting will be commencing shortly within our Township. There are no road closures associated with it, however there may be some delays on the roadways. Below is a list of Township roads that will be effected. The Railway crossing markings on South Campbell Road and Merwin Lane will also be repainted.

Spring Outlook — With High Snowpack, Be Prepared for Spring Flooding Across the Rideau Valley Watershed The winter of 2018-19 has been an old-fashioned winter with lots of snow (over 250 cm to-date) and no significant thaw events. As such, the snowpack throughout the Rideau Valley Watershed is well above average. Current conditions at several … Continue reading “Rideau Valley Conservation Authority Watershed Conditions Statement”

OPP February Fraud Friday (Cyber-Extortion Scam)

The cyber–extortion scam is active in Grenville County. In this scam, a threatening email will be sent to the victim, requesting ransom money for compromising pictures or videos. The victim will receive information that their computer has been hacked and the scammer has gained  control of the webcam and have recorded a video of the … Continue reading “OPP February Fraud Friday (Cyber-Extortion Scam)”

OPP February Fraud Friday (Job Scam)

Scammers use online classified job websites or unsolicited email campaigns to recruit potential victims. Members of the public, looking for a job, answer the ad or email offer to become a “financial agent” or “client manager” and subsequently correspond via email with the fraudsters. Victims are hired as payment processors for the suspect company and their … Continue reading “OPP February Fraud Friday (Job Scam)”