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Did You Know… ?


According to the Ontario Building Code, any structure over 10m² (107.65 sq. feet) with a wall, roof or floor requires a building permit to ensure that it meets all safety requirements. This includes “portable” sheds (prefabricated, Amish, Irish, built using packages from the hardware store etc.).

It’s been reported that some merchants are notifying customers that because these sheds can be portable (when left on skis), permits are not required. That is not the case in any location within the Province of Ontario – including Augusta Township.

If you are thinking about purchasing or constructing a shed you should review the building permit application or contact the Chief Building Official (613-925-4231 ext. 106) to ensure it conforms to all applicable laws.

You can download a building permit for a shed on our Building Information and Applications page.

You can download a copy of the Ontario Building Code here: https://www.ontario.ca/laws/regulation/120332