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Life in Augusta

Our Township is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. We offer country living at its best and strives to provide our residents with the services and support necessary to enhance the experience of living, working and playing in such a beautiful community.

For more information on living in our Township, residents can access the following links:


FINANCE – features links to the various Township financial reports.

TREASURY & TAXES – features a list of FAQ’s regarding taxes, links to current and past tax rates, links for various forms.

FIRE DEPARTMENT – a site dedicated to fire education and services, link to the burn permit application, a Kids Zone page and more.

PUBLIC WORKS – features information on our roads, entrance ways/culverts, mailboxes, noxious weed management and more.

DRAINAGE – features information on the various drains within the Township, includes a map.

WASTE MANAGEMENT – lists the site hours, prices for non-bagable waste, what is and is not accepted for recycling and more.

PIPELINES – features information on the 3 drains that run through our Township.

FENCES, FENCE VIEWERS & LIVESTOCK EVALUATORS – features information on fencing, fencing disputes and the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program.

BUILDING INFORMATION & APPLICATIONS – lists what needs a building permit and what doesn’t, links to the applications.

DOG OWNERS & KENNEL OPERATORS – outlines the responsibilities of dog owners, the requirements for operating a kennel and the contact information for the Canine Control Officer.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS Рare you prepared to look after yourself and your family for 72 hours in case of an emergency?  This page has what you need to know.

SOURCE WATER PROTECTION – information on how the Township protects our drinking water.