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Dog Owners & Kennel Operators

Augusta Township has a By-Law regarding the regulation and control, protection and identification of dogs living within the township.

By-Law 3075-2013, which was passed by Council December 9, 2013, outlines the responsibilities of dog owners and for those operating kennels.

Here is a brief overview:

Dog Licenses

  • Owners must license and register their dogs EVERY year on or before the last BUSINESS day in February. When purchased before the end of February you will pay the discounted price of $15.  Tags are available throughout the year should you forget, however you will be required to pay full price ($30).
  • New puppy Owners must license and IMG_20180629_093159301 03register their puppy with the Township 12 weeks after its date of birth ($15).
  • New Township residents must license and register their dogs with the Township within 30 days after taking up residency in the Township ($15).
  • Dog tags must be WORN securely by the dog at all* times.
  • Owners could be fined for failure to purchase an annual license ($55) on top of still having to pay  to then license & register the dog ($30).

Dogs At Large

  • Owners must ensure that their dog is secure and under control at all times.
  • A dog is considered to be ‘running at large’ if the Owner/designate does not have immediate control of the dog and/or when it is found in ANY* place other than on the Owner’s property.
  • If your dog is found running at large you may be fined ($55) and the dog could be seized or destroyed if it is found to be necessary for safety and/or humane reasons.
  • Anyone may capture a dog running at large and trespassing on his/her property and can notify the Animal Control Officer, who will then pick up the dog and either impound it or return it to the owner.

Noise and Nuisance

  • Owners who do not clean up and dispose of any excrement left by the dog on ANY property whether private or public could be fined ($105) – in other words – you MUST scoop-the-poop!
  • Owners are not permitted to allow their dogs to make or cause excessive noises or sounds (including barking) that tend to disturb the quiet, peace, rest, enjoyment or comfort of their neighbours.
  • If your dog is found to be causing continuous noise or being a nuisance you could be fined ($105).


  • A kennel is considered any place where 5 or more dogs are lodged, bred, kept or boarded.  In other words, if you have more than 4 dogs you will need a kennel license.
  • A “small” kennel is considered 5-10 dogs (not including puppies) .
  • A “large” kennel is considered 11-30 dogs (not including puppies).  30 is the maximum number of dogs allowed to be kept.
  • Kennel licenses are to be purchased EVERY year on or before the last BUSINESS day in February at the Township office.  Licenses purchased before this date are available at the discounted price of $60 for small kennels and $120 for large kennels.  Licenses purchased after March 1st will be at full price: $120 for small kennels and $240 for large kennels.
  • The Township can request that an inspection of the kennel be completed before issuing the license.
  • Kennels must also follow all requirements under the Zoning By-Law, therefore a site plan control will be requested of all new kennel applications.

Canine Control Officer
Sally Bell
Home Phone:  (613) 803-0053
Or you can email her HERE.

*The only exceptions being for Police Services dogs and hunting dogs while the dog is actively hunting.
It must still be under the control of the Owner/designate.

Important Links:

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As a precaution, the Leeds & Grenville Health Unit follow up on any animal bites or scratches that occur within our township and test for possible rabies infection.  The Township has a responsibility to assist them as outlined in this letter: Municipal role in potential rabies follow-up with the local health unit .

As such, each year we hold a rabies clinic.  This year it will be held on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 from 4 pm to 6 pm at the Public Works Garage at 5328 Algonquin Road, Algonquin.

See our website or our Facebook page closer to the date for more information.