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Canine Control

Dog tags and Kennel licence’s are required to be renewed each year as per by-law no. 3075 . Residents who purchase their tags in the new year before the last working day of February are offered a discounted rate. The discounted rates are as follows: Dog Tags: $15 each, Small kennel licence: $60 and large kennel licence: $120. 

March 1st, the regular prices take affect. Dog Tags: $30.00 each. Small Kennel Licence licence: $90.00. Large Kennels Licence: $200.00.

Dog and kennel licenses may be obtained at the reception desk of the Township Office. 3560 County Road 26. Office Hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We accept cash, cheque or debit.

Animals running at large or trespassing will be picked up Monday – Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm. and arrangements may be possible after hours and on weekends.

Please note that if your dog is impounded for running at large or trespassing, a tag for the current year will be charged at a cost of $30.00 plus a boarding fee of $30.00 + HST per day will apply. These fees MUST be paid in full before claiming your pet and are non-negotiable. Any Dog not claimed within 5 days will be placed for adoption. If you would like to report a dog running at large, please call Sally Bell, Augusta Township Dog Catcher, 613-803-0053.

If you are renewing your kennel licence you must come in and complete your Application for a Kennel Licence. Applicant’s signature is required for licence to be issued. Any new kennel requests require site plan control.

Municipal role in potential rabies follow-up with the local health unit 

For more information, please contact our Canine Control Department at the Township Office.