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Local Hazards

WEB3-016The HAZARDS , capable of generating an EMERGENCY , that have been identified in our municipality are listed below. They have been grouped into PRIORITIES through a RISK ANALYSIS . This is our Community Risk Profile



General Electrical Power Failure
Road Transport of Hazardous Materials
Rail Transport of Hazardous Materials
Three Industrial Sites



Stressed Power Grid ( Brownouts )
Communications Failure ( Phone , Fax , E-mail , Internet )
Microburst with Hi Winds
Extreme Heat
Road Accident Hi Casualty Numbers
Rail Accident Hi Casualty Numbers
Truck Route CR 15 S & CR 2 E
Wildfire ( Large Grass / Brush / Forest Fire )



Waste Disposal Sites
St. Lawrence Seaway
Aircraft Crash
General Well Failure
Severe Lightening Storm
Psychological Trauma ( Critical Incident Stress / Post Incident Stress )
Heavy Snowfall
Gaseous Pipeline Incident
Liquid Pipeline Incident
Pipeline Compressor Station
Surface Water Flooding
General Drought
Radioactive Transport Incident
Extreme / Prolonged Cold
Civil Disobedience
Two Industrial Sites
Agricultural Crop Epidemic



Human Health Epidemic
Agricultural Animal Epidemic
Climate Change


REMEMBER …. Hazards are neither good nor bad , they just exist. Emergency Management IS NOT a hazard elimination process.

Now that you have a greater awareness of some of the hazards that exist in our Municipality it is time to think about how you , your family , your neighborhood would react if one of these hazards disrupted your daily routines. It is an aspect of Emergency management called PERSONAL PREPAREDNESS …..