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Our Emergency Management Plan

Our Planning Process

Under the current Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act each municipality is required to have an ongoing Emergency Management Program.

The Provincial Government sets standards but the plan content is to reflect the local knowledge of Municipal Government. The planning process being used by your municipality is used all over North America by all levels of government.

Based on actual Community Hazards

Prioritized through a Risk Analysis

That produces a Community Risk Profile

Which sets us to thinking about Response and Recovery Actions

We have a lot to think about if we are to become an “disaster resilient community” 

A HAZARD is an event, a set of circumstances, or a commodity that has the potential to cause a disruption to persons, properties and/or the natural environment of our municipality. Hazards surround us in our daily lives. The decision to prohibit or eliminate hazards from our surroundings is seldom practical. Natural hazards , notably the weather , are completely beyond our power to prohibit or eliminate. Hazards are neither good nor bad, they just exist.

Once a Hazard is identified it is examined through a process called RISK ANALYSIS. In this review the Hazard is considered from the perspectives of “consequences” and past“occurrence frequency.” Although no hazard is ever completely discarded from our thoughts a Risk Analysis indicates which hazards we should focus our preparedness efforts upon.