Our Industry

In Emergency Planning one tends to look nervously towards our Industrial Sites as some sort of a threat that lurks within our municipality. By virtue of the commodities within these sites they are hazard, as defined in the Emergency Management process.

They themselves recognized this long before any government driven Emergency Program. Oddly enough our Industrial Sites are leaders in Personal Preparedness. They have their own internal emergency response plans , emergency response equipment and emergency detection equipment. The Municipality is aware of the hazards within our Industrial Sites, the Municipality considers many of the sites a High Priority in the Emergency Planning Process. This IS NOT a notation of fear, simply an acknowledgment that we must work together with a high level of understanding of our mutual concerns.

The Augusta Township Fire Department trains on and familiarizes themselves with our Industrial Sites on a regular basis.

To this end our Industries work with us in an Industrial Emergency Management Team.

When was the last time one of our Industries was responsible for the declaration of a Municipal Emergency?