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Personal Preparedness

The 72 Hour Rule

This is a North American wide standard used by all levels of government, Federal, Provincial and Municipal. No level of government can afford to have large amounts of equipment and / or personnel on stand-by, doing nothing, waiting for an emergency to happen. Government employees / resources are busy with day to day routines. When an Emergency surfaces it is estimated that it can take government upwards of 3 days for government assistance to become fully mobilized.


Are you prepared for this initial “72 Hours” ??

  • Household Emergency Plan ?
  • Household Emergency Kit ?
  • Alternate Accommodation ?
  • Alternate Lighting / Power Supply ?
  • Supplemental Heat Source ?
  • Stand By Food / Water Supplies ?
  • Vehicle Emergency Kit ?

For more information on Personal Preparedness visit www.GetPrepared.ca

The usefulness / helpfulness of the above is not limited to big general Municipal Emergencies. If you or your family have thought about the above, it will help you move through those irksome day to day crises such as a two hour power failure, a broken furnace fan or a stalled pressure system pump.


Some Emergency Management Philosophy

During a general Municipal Emergency changes to our daily routines will occur. Such changes are made for the general safety and well being of our citizens. It is pointless to assert the Emergency should not have occurred or the change should not occur. We will have to pull together as a community and adapt to what misfortune has thrown our way. We are not dinosaurs… we can adapt to change… we can do it.


A true story from the Ice Storm 1998

  • Why is this road closed?
    • There are 57 hydro poles across the road.
  • I have to go to Brockville!
    • Are you sick? Do you need food? Do you need shelter?
  • I have a hair appointment!
    • Brockville is shut down, there is no power there.
  • They would have phoned to cancel my appointment.
    • The phone system is not working.
  • This is ridiculous. I can see I’m getting nowhere here. I’m gonna call The Reeve!

This person had failed to adapt to the changes generated by the Ice Storm Emergency. Her personal preparedness (Emergency Plan “alternate travel routes,” Emergency Kit “personal cosmetic / sanitation needs”) was low to absent. We wonder: Did the person have any raw cash? Or was she counting upon ABM or Credit Card Machines to be working?


A Special Aspect of Personal Preparedness – Road Travel

In Augusta Township we travel a lot. Food supplies, personal services and/or employment are usually secured in other locations. Due to our lack of personal preparedness it is almost impossible for us to “sit still” during an Emergency. Unnecessary road travel generates two problems:

(i) The traveler can become exposed to the risks associated with the Emergency.
(ii) The traveler clogs road space needed by Emergency Workers.

Be Safe, Be Calm, Sit Tight

Did You Know…

During a weather Emergency you often hear of “stranded vehicles.” The primary cause of this is “water splash” or “snow splash” up, under the hood, into the engine compartment. The vehicle electrical system fails. The vehicle comes to a dead stop. Snow Tires, Four-Wheel-Drive, All-Wheel-Drive and/or a V-8 Engine WILL NOT protect you from this Risk.

Be Safe, Be Calm, Sit Tight


When embarking upon a Personal Preparedness undertaking it must be done in accord with ALL existing Building Codes / Fire Codes / Safety Standards. “Oh this is just for an Emergency” is an excuse that should never surface. This is particularly true when you are considering temporary HEATING or ELECTRICAL alterations to a structure.