Housing Developers Are Welcome in Augusta Township

Housing Developers Are Welcome in Augusta Township

Augusta Matters by Mayor Doug Malanka

(As published in the South Grenville Journal – Thursday, October 8, 2020)

Two months ago, a three-bedroom, one-bathroom home was listed for rent on Kijiji in the community of Maynard, in Augusta Township. The ad received over 1,100 visits within just three days and received another 1,000 views over the following week, so the demand for quality affordable housing in our community is substantial.

This was not completely surprising, given responses to our recent Great Augusta Community Survey indicated that only 37% of residents felt that Augusta has enough affordable housing available.

Local real estate is hot, and our Township Planner has been finding that real estate listings are often only up a matter of days before receiving offers, often from multiple interested parties.

Recent communications from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) have proposed new actions for what their organization has described as: “…a national housing crisis that has only been compounded by COVID-19.” “This pandemic has shaken anyone lacking decent, affordable housing. And for those experiencing homelessness, staying safely distant and healthy has been a huge challenge.”

In recent months, Augusta’s Council has unanimously supported rezoning and site plan control applications made by multiple local developers for multi-unit residential developments, and we are also actively looking at options for our Township’s own land holdings. New projects are being discussed in multiple areas of Augusta.

In our most recent issue of our Augusta Quarterly newsletter, we asked all our residents the question: “Would you be interested in living in a Tiny Home Community or Ecovillage?” We received more than half a dozen replies, including one from a landholder that may wish to make land available for a sustainable housing initiative.

We also have a project in the works with Habitat for Humanity and the Employment + Education Centre for new housing in our community.

Several of our Settlement Areas have opportunities for housing developments, including Maynard, Maitland, North Augusta, Algonquin, Roebuck and Domville.

Are you, or do you know someone that is looking for housing in Augusta Township? Would you like to redesign your current home to add in a secondary suite? Are you a developer that would like to build affordable housing in our community?

With a hearty “Yes” to any of these questions, I invite you to contact our Township Planner today.

In the background, Augusta continues to make progress with its long-term capital asset planning to improve core services throughout the Township.  Last week, Augusta Council approved rehabilitation contracts to our bridges over the Kemptville Creek at Klitbo Road and Kyle Road, rehabilitation of Main Street East in North Augusta and the acquisition of a new service truck to improve winter conditions management of all roads.  These come in addition to other capital improvements in 2020, including new paving of approximately 3 km of roads on McCully and Hillbrook roads and reconstruction on Cedar Grove Road.  Ongoing improvements to our halls and public properties and the development of our parks, lending library and farmers’ market are making Augusta a friendlier, healthier, and safer place to enjoy and live.

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