Augusta Township celebrates disbursement of the Main Street Grants under Augusta’s first CIP

Augusta Township celebrates disbursement of the Main Street Grants under Augusta’s first CIP

Augusta Matters by Mayor Doug Malanka

(As published in the South Grenville Journal – Thursday, November 5, 2020)

I would like to take the opportunity in this column to thank the Provincial Government and Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) for providing funds that assist the Township in achieving important projects for our residents.  These projects include initial renovations for the former Masonic Hall which may be named the Mill Street Community Centre.  Four other Augusta businesses opted for the full $5,000 matching grant for exterior and/or energy efficiency project exceeding $10,000 in total value.  These recipients included: Greenham’s General Store, in North Augusta who used the grant for new front steps, and an energy efficiency upgrade (AC unit); Riopelle’s, in North Augusta who used the grant for a new roof, and an energy efficiency upgrade (AC unit); Bud the Spud, in Maitland who used the grant for new construction/façade updates; and the most substantial project which was IG Wealth Management, in Maitland who used the funds for an updated stone building façade, doors/windows, and eaves troughs/soffit/fascia

Our matching grant from the Provincial Government and AMO was structured so that if every eligible business applied, every business would be able to receive a full allocation of funds, with a small top-up by the municipality. In accordance with the Provincial Main Street Revitalization Initiative requirements, Augusta’s Main Street business owners were contacted in our eligible communities of Maitland and North Augusta, which have congregating commercial uses that one can comfortably walk between. Although we received two additional applications from business owners that ultimately decided not to proceed this fall, at least one of the two still intends to undertake a substantial renovation in 2021.

Under the AMO program, the funds not applied for may either be returned, or redirected to other related municipal projects. Augusta’s new Community Development Committee was very supportive of the remaining funds being directed toward exterior improvements (primarily new windows) at the Masonic Hall, which is a commercially-zoned site that literally has its entrance on Main Street within the Settlement Area of North Augusta.  It was recognized that the sooner the renovation and restoration is complete, the sooner that many of our other commercial businesses in North Augusta will benefit from the additional tourism and visitors to the community. Augusta Township filed the required paperwork with AMO this week so the information will be ”fresh” if there are any other details that might be required.

On another subject, I want to indicate my support for the Kinsmen Club of Prescott annual Spirit of Giving project.  Families that would like to be the recipient of a Spirit of Giving hamper during this year’s campaign must register in advance. Registration takes place at the Leo Boivin Community Centre and masks are required.  Please bring proof that you live in South Grenville and note that you CANNOT apply for someone else, they must attend in person and sign the application form.  Registration times at the Leo Boivin are as follows: November 18th, 19th, and 20th from 1 pm to 3 pm; and November 23rd and 24th from 1 pm to 3 pm. The hampers are set to be given out on December 16th so all donations must be into the Kinsmen Club by December 15th.

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