Guide to Severances/Consents

severance application

Consent to Sever

Subdividing land in Augusta Township is most frequently done by consent to     sever. Consultation with the Planning Department is encouraged as it must comply with the Official Plan, Zoning By-Law, Provincial policies and other applicable requirements.  It is however, the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville (UCLG) who are the Consent Granting Authority.

A consent is the authorization to create:

  • New lots (severances)
  • Easements
  • An addition to an existing lot
  • A change to lot boundaries

When several new lots are proposed, a Plan of Subdivision may be more appropriate.

Severance Steps

Step 1 – Pre-Consultation with the Township

Applicant consults with Township staff and relevant agencies to discuss the proposed severance and local requirements/possible conditions.

Step 2 – Fill Out The Application

Applicant fills out an application (can request the assistance of the Township).

Step 3 – Consult with Counties

Applicant schedules an appointment with the UCLG Secretary-Treasurer-Consent Granting Authority.  Applicant brings in filled out application, sketch, ID, proof of ownership/deeds/tax information.

Step 4 – Submit Application with Fees

The Secretary-Treasurer reviews the application.  Once application is complete as commissioner of oaths they will commission/witness a signature, or this may be done elsewhere.  Payment by cheque(s) is made for each reviewing agency (see fee schedule). Usually 3 to 4 agencies.  Application is submitted.

Step 5 – Counties Circulates Application

Counties circulates application once deemed complete.  Applicant is mailed a letter confirming complete application, and a sign is sent which is to be posted on the subject property.  A photo of the sign must be  provided  to the Consent Granting Authority. Notices of application are sent to neighbouring properties within 60-metres of the subject lands and commenting agencies, including the Township. The Township makes a recommendation regarding the severance and any requested conditions of approval.

Step 6 – Comments Forwarded by Secretary-Treasurer

Comments received are sent to the applicant for review and consideration.

Step 7 – Counties Schedules Hearing for Application

An application hearing is scheduled once all agency comments have been received.  Notice of hearing is sent 15-days before the hearing.

Step 8 – Hearing

Consent Granting Authority hears application.  Applicant or agent should attend hearing to answer any questions. Decision to approve, or deny, or defer an application is made at the hearing. The Decision outlines any conditions of approval.

Step 9 – 20-Day Appeal Period

Notice of Decision is mailed to applicant, agencies, and anyone who requested it. Decisions are subject to a 20-day appeal period. All appeals received within the 20-day window are sent to the Ontario Land Tribunal for consideration. Applicants will be notified if an appeal is received.

Step 10 – Clear Conditions within a Year

Assuming no appeal, the applicant has 2-years to clear all agency conditions.  There are no time extensions granted for a decision on a severance application. Applicants are encouraged to speak directly with the agencies responsible for the conditions in order to satisfy the      conditions within the 2-year timeframe.

Step 11 – Final Approval Granted

All conditions of a decision are cleared by the applicant and forwarded to the Secretary-Treasurer. All prepared legal materials and reference plans for the severed lands are to be received before the 2-year lapsing date by the Secretary-Treasurer, so the deed for the new lot can be stamped/authorized. The deed must be registered within 2 years of the deed being stamped.


Fees (required when submitting application to the County)

  • Separate cheque required for $500 (+ $300 for additional severances at same location/same time) made payable to the Township of Augusta.
  • If applicable, separate cheque for $490 is required made payable to South Nation Conservation Authority or, if applicable, separate cheque for $490 is required made payable to Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
  • Separate cheque may be required for $410 to South Nation Conservation (related to septic review) if the property is located outside their jurisdiction.

NOTE: Individual cheques or money orders only for each agency involved in the consent are to be submitted with the application to the Secretary-Treasurer.

*Fees are subject to change without prior notice.



If you have questions regarding severances/consents, please contact the Township’s Planner, Melissa Banford by email or by phone 613-925-4231 ext. 104 

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