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3004-2013 Establish North Augusta Education and Recreation Committee

3004-2013 Establish North Augusta Education and Recreation Committee


Passed by Council March 11, 2013

BY-LAW NUMBER 3004-2013

WHEREAS by Section 5 of the Municipal Act, 2001, S.c. 2001, c. 25, the powers of a
municipal corporation are to be exercised by its Council;

AND WHEREAS the Township of Augusta deems it expedient to establish a Committee
in for the purpose of conducting educational and recreational activities in the Township
on behalf of Council,

AND WHEREAS an existing group of citizens hereby know as North Augusta Education
and Recreation Committee are desirous of being recognized and established as a
Committee of Council

NOW THEREFORE the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Augusta enacts
as follows:

THAT pursuant to this By-Law a Committee of Council to be know as The North Augusta
Education and Recreation Committee is hereby established with the following terms of
reference and conditions:

To operate and conduct educational and recreational activities for and
on behalf of Council.

The Committee will plan, organize and administer recreational
activities for the Village of North Augusta and surrounding areas as
may be authorized by Council tournaments, and children’s parties,
(Halloween, Christmas, etc.)

The committee will also oversee the annual Labour Day Weekend Festival
which includes baseball tournaments, volleyball tournament, euchre
and similar tournaments, bingo, car show, food vendors, licensed bar,
parade and several games for children and adults.

The Committee is responsible for maintaining the North Augusta
Community Hall, renting it out to various groups and individuals in the

Liaison and Reporting Relationships:

The North Augusta Education and Recreation Committee reports
to the Augusta Township Council through the designated Councillor
assigned to recreation. In addition, the Committee through its
Chair or other designated person will liaise with the Township’s
CAO for conducting processes, procedures and required policies of
the Municipality and the Provincial Government.

Composition of the Committee:

Council shall appoint the following persons to the North Augusta
Education and Recreation Committee:

• One (1) member of Council who shall be a full
voting member of the Committee.
• A minimum of (9) member of the public who
are qualified to be an elector in Augusta Township
under the Municipal Elections Act.
• The above members shall be appointed annually
by separate resolution on a rotating term system
yet to be established from a list of candidates suggested
or recommended by the Committee or by Council.
• The appointed members shall elect from among themselves
one President, one Treasurer, one Secretary and five (5)
directors at an Annual General Meeting. This will be
referred to as “The Executive Team”

Term of the Executive Team:

The Executive Team shall serve for one (1) year. If during the year a
Position becomes vacant, the Executive Team shall either continue until the Next
AGM or appoint a new member.

Term of General Membership:

Council will appoint annually by resolution members being recommended.
It is yet to be established what the terms for general members might be
and if a rotating system will be identified and used so that all members
are not replaced at once.

Once determined the By-Law will be revised.


Meetings shall be conducted monthly. Roberts Rules of Order will be
followed. Minutes, financial reports and any correspondence will be
reported each meeting. Minutes may be circulated to Members of
Council through the CAO/Clerks office.

Municipal Property-
Use of Buildings and Facilities:

It is recognized by the Committee that the building and facilities area
Owned by the Township and will accordingly be insured by the Township.
Maintaining the building will be in accordance with Provincial guidelines
and standards as prescribed by the Province for public buildings.
Accessibility facilities will be conducted in accordance with the
Requirements of the Accessibility Act.
Procedures for repairs and maintenance and renovations will be
Conducted in accordance with the Township’s Procurement By-Law.

Financial Administration:

The Committee will submit annual budgets with respect to anticipated
repairs and maintenance and will make recommendations on how such
‘repairs are to be funded.
The Committee will evaluate and keep the CAO and Council apprised of present
and future long range capital repairs and renovations that are needed or desired.
Annual financial statement of revenues, expenses and net surpluses or
deficits will be filed with Council through the CAC by the end of February
each year.

1. That this by-law will come into force and effect on the date of passing.

READ a first and second time this 11 day of March, 2013.

READ a third time and passed this 11 day of March, 2013.

Signed by Reeve Mel Campbell and Clerk Michael Larocque


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