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3396-2019 Adopt a Council-Staff Relations Policy

3396-2019 Adopt a Council-Staff Relations Policy


Passed by Council January 14, 2019

This By-Law references the Employee Code of Conduct (3422-2019), Violence & Harassment in the Workplace Policy (3259-2016), Procedural By-Law (3336-2017) and the Accountability and Transparency Policy (3168-2015).


BY-LAW NUMBER 3396-2019

WHEREAS Section 270(1) of the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended. _requires
municipalities to adopt and maintain a policy with respect to relationship between
members of council and the officers and employees of the municipality by March 1,

AND WHEREAS the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Augusta deems it
advisable to adopt the aforementioned policy;

AND WHEREAS Section 5 of the Act provides that a municipality’s power shall be
exercised by by-law;

NOW THEREFORE the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Augusta enacts
as follows:

1. That the Council-Staff Relations Policy, as described in Schedule “A” attached
hereto and forming part of this by-law, is hereby adopted.

2. THAT this by-law shall come into force and effect on the date of passing.

READ a first and second time this 14day of January, 2019.

READ a third time and passed this 14 day of January, 2019.

Signed by Mayor Doug Malanka and Clerk Annette Simonian


Policy: Council-Staff Relations Policy
By-Law: 3396-2019
Date Issued: January 14, 2019
Coverage: Council, Officers and staff of the corporation

1.0 Policy Statement

The Corporation of the Township of Augusta recognizes that an effective municipality
requires a great deal of coordination and cooperation between councillors and
administrators and will promote a respectful, tolerant and harassment-free workplace.
Effective Council-Staff relations ensure both can achieve the joint mission of rending to
the needs of the community in a timely manner through respectful partnership and

2.0 Purpose
The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the Municipality will be in compliance with
section 270 of the Municipal Act, 2001, as amended that requires a policy with respect
to the relationship between Members of Council and Staff of the Municipality.

3.0 Scope
In accordance with Section 270 of the Municipal Act, 2001, this policy applies to all
Members of Council and officers and employees of the corporation.

4.0 Role of Council, Staff and Officers
Understanding and respecting the differences between roles is fundamental to the
success of the working relations between Council and Staff and leads to good
governance and public service delivery.

Expectations and responsibilities

• Govern and provide political direction
• Establish vision, goals and general policy direction
• Focus on strategic policy matters rather than on administrative operational
• Ensure the accountability and transparency of the operations of the
municipality, including the activities of the senior management.
• Ensure Staff maintains the financial integrity of the municipality
• Respond to community concerns and keep the GAO informed
• Ask for clarification and or more information when needed to make
informed decisions
• Refrain from using their position to improperly influence members of staff
in their duties or functions or to gain an advantage for themselves or
• Refrain from publicly criticizing individual members of staff in a way that
casts aspersions on their professional competence or credibility.
Senior Management
• Keep council up-to-date and informed of any issues that may impact upon
their decision making process
• Provide organizational leadership
• Act as the liaison between council and administration for communication
and workflow
• Develop a team of competent staff

• Provide unbiased timely reports to council outlining factors that will assist
in council decision making
• Provide sufficient information and research policy issues as required
• Implement Council’s decisions as expressed by by-law or resolution
• Manage and identify the means for achieving Council goals and outcomes
• Provide appropriate follow-up to Council inquiries
• Refrain from comments that disparage or harm the reputation of the
Township, Township of Augusta’s Council or our co-workers.

5.o Guiding Principles
The relationship between Members of Council and the officer and employees of the
Corporation is guided by the following policies:

• Code of Conduct
• Violence and Harassment Policy
• Procedural By-law
• Accountability and Transparency By-law
• Human Rights Code

Members of Council are Public Figures

Staff recognize that Members of Council are the elected voice of the citizens of its
municipality and we shall respect the decisions of Council.

All Members of Council are Equal

Staff and Officers shall treat Council as a collective decision-making body. Individual
Members of Council shall not direct staff workflow and information flow to Council and
Staff should originate through the CAO.

Respectful Reporting Relationship

Members, Staff and Officers shall work hard at fostering a climate of mutual respect. A
formal relationship between staff and members of Council will ensure that all members
of staff and Council are treated equally. Council and Staff recognize that they face
different, often unique, challenges and pressures but their overarching goal is to serve
the best interests of the Municipality.

Use of Time

Priorities and timelines must be respected by all members of Council and Staff. It is
expected that all participants will be well prepared for meetings and will prioritize
appropriately accordingly to direction given by management or Council.
It is encouraged that appointments be made for meetings between staff and Council
members in order to ensure that all parties are available and prepared for the
discussion. Good use of time, understanding of the other’s demands and pressures
should reflect the reality of workflow.

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