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Bylaw 2490: Establish A Procurement Card Policy

The Corporation Ofthe Township Ofaugusta By-law No.2490 Beinga By-law Toestablish A Procurement Card Policy For The Township Of Augusta Whereassection407of The Municipal Act 2001, S.o. 2001 Chapter 25provides Authority For A Council By By-law To Authorize Temporary Borrowingat Any Time During A Fiscal Year And Whereassection 271(1) Of The Municipal Act 2001 S.o. 2001 Chapter 25 States That Before January 1, 2005, A Municipality And A Local Board Shall Adopt Policies With Respect To Its Procurement Of Goods And Services And Whereasthe Township Of Augusta Wishes To Ensure Appropriate Financial And Operational Management Controls Are Applied To The Decision Process In Spending Public Money And To The Accountability Of The Authority Process And Whereasthe Procurement Card Is Designed To Streamline The Township Of Augusta’s Purchasing And Payable Process To Better Support The Operating Needs Without Eroding Good Business Practices Or Circumventing Internal Controls…

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