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Bylaw 2504: Regulate Standing Water

The Corporation Of The Township Of Augusta By-law Number2504 Beinga By-law Toregulate Standing Water In The Township Of Augusta Whereas, Section130 Of The Municipal Act,2001, Provides That A Municipality May Regulate Matters Not Specificallyprovided For By This Act Or Any Other Act For Purposes Related To The Health, Safety And Well Being Of The Inhabitants Of The Municipality; And Whereas,under Paragraph 1 Of Section 427 Of The Municipal Act, 2001, If A Municipality Has Authority By By-law Or Otherwise To Direct Or Require That A Matter Or Thing Be Done, The Municipality May, In The Same Or Another By-law Direct That, In Default Of It Being Done By The Person Directed Or Required To Do It, Such Matter Or Thing Shall Be Done At The Persons Expense; And Whereas, For The Purposes Of Section 427, Subsection (1), Section 427 Subsection (2) Of The Municipal Act…

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