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Bylaw 2517: Appoint An Auditor

The Corporation Ofthe Township Ofaugusta By-law No.2517 Beinga By-law Toappointan Auditorfor The Township Of Augusta Whereassection296 Of Themunicipal Act, 2001 C. 25 Requires That A Municipality Shall Appoint An Auditor Licensed Under Thepublic Accountancy Act Now Thereforethe Council Of The Corporation Of Thetownship Of Augustadoes Hereby Enact As Followsthat: 1.craig Keen Despatie Markell Be Appointed As The Auditing Firm For The Township Of Augusta 2.craig Keen Despatie Markell Shall Be Appointed As Auditors For The 2003 Auditing Year 3.council May Choose To Renew This By-law For A Term Not To Exceed Five Years As Per Section 296 (3) Of Themunicipal Act2001, C. 25prior To The Commencement Of The Pre-audit For The 2004 Year Term Readafirst Time This12thday Ofjanuary 2004 Reada Second Time This12thday Ofjanuary 2004 Reada Third Time And Passed This12thday Ofjanuary 2004 ___________________________ Reeve ___________________________ Clerk…

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