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Bylaw 2518: Appoint Fence Viewers

The Corporation Ofthe Township Ofaugusta By-law No.2518 Beinga By-law Toappointfence Viewersfor The Township Of Augusta Whereassection2 Of The Line Fences Act, R.s.o. 1990 C. L.17 Directs That The Council Of A Municipality Shall Appoint The Number Of Fence Viewers As Required To Carry Out Theprovisions Of The Act And Wherassection 2 Of The Line Fences Act, R.s.o. 1990 C. L 17 Also Directs That The By-law Shall Fix The Remuneration For The Same And Wherassection 21.01 Of 2359 States That The Same Shall Be Appointed For The Term Ofcouncil Now Thereforethe Council Of The Corporation Of Thetownship Of Augustadoes Hereby Enact As Followsthat: 1.ivan Dixon, Jonas Cole Andgeorge Vailare Hereby Appointed As Fence Viewers For The Township Of Augusta 2.that Remuneration Of $50.00 Per Arbitration Be Awarded As Per The Requirements Under Section4 Of The Line Fences Act…

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