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Bylaw 2522: Erection Of Stop Sign

The Corporation Of The Township Of Augusta By-law Number 2522 Beinga By-law To Provide For The Erection Of Stop Signs At An Intersection Whereassection137ofthehighwaytrafficact,r.s.o1990,chapterh.8,providesthat The Councilofamunicipalitymay, By By-law Provide For The Erection Of Stop Signs At Intersections Of Highwaysunderitsjurisdiction,andeverysignsoerected Shall Comply With The Regulations Of The Ministry; Nowthereforethecouncil Of The Township Of Augusta Enacts As Follows: 1.theintersectionofthehighwaysetoutincolumn1isdesignatedasanintersectionwhereastop Sign Shall Be Erected At The Locations Shown In Column 2. Column 1column 2 Intersection Ofmontanawayandcounty Road 15 Intersectionofmontanawayandcheyenne Trail Intersectionofcheyennetrailandalgonquin Road Intersectionofmontanawayandappaloosa Path Northsideofmontanawayandtheeastsideof County Road #15tostopwestbound Traffic On Montana Way Southsideofmontanawayandthewestsideof Cheyennetrailtostop East Bound Traffic On Montana Way Westsideofcheyenne Trail And North Side Of Algonquinroad To Stop South Bound Traffic On Cheyenne Trail Northsideofmontanawayandthewestsideof Appaloosapathtostopsouthboundtraffic On Appaloosa Path 2.thepenaltiesprovidedinsection214ofthehighwaytrafficactshallapplytooffencesagainst This By-law. 3.eachdesignationmadebysection1shallnotbecomeeffectiveuntilstopsignshavebeenerected In Accordance With The Regulations Ofthe Highway Traffic Act. Reada First Time This 8thday Of March…

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