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Bylaw 2560: Appointment Of A Person For Deputy Reeve

Corporation Of The Township Of Augusta By-law No. 2560 A By-law To Provide For The Appointment Of A Person For The Office Of Deputy Reeve Whereasthemunicipalact2001,allowsacounciltofillavacancyintheofficeofamember Ofcouncilbyappointingapersonwhohasconsentedtoaccepttheofficeifappointedwithinsixty (60) Days After The Day A Declaration Of Vacancy Is Made; Andwhereasa Vacancy Has Been Declared In The Office Of Deputy Reeve Inthetownship Of Augusta Nowthereforethecouncilofthecorporationofthetownshipofaugustaherebyenacts As Follows: 1.thatthevacancyintheofficeofdeputyreevebefilledbyappointingapersonwhohas Consented To Accept The Office If Appointed. 2.thatthevacancymustbefilledbysomeonewhoiseligibleunderthemunicipal Elections Act To Hold Office As Per Section 17 (2) Which States : (a)resides In The Local Municipality Or Is The Owner Or Tenant Of Land There, Or The Spouse Or Same-sex Partner Of Such Owner Or Tenant; (b)is A Canadian Citizen; (c)is At Least 18 Years Old; And (d)he Or She Is Not Ineligible Under This Or Any Other Act Or Otherwise Prohibited By Law To Be Nominated For Or To Hold The Office. 1996, C. 32…

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