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Door-to-Door Sales/Transient Traders Policy & Information


As of May 27, 2024, Augusta Township has a policy to Regulate Transient Trader/Door-to-Door Sales.  

The intent of this policy is to be a mechanism for informing residents of Transient Traders that have indicated to the Township that they will be in the area.

Any person(s) going from place to place with goods, wares, or merchandise for sale, or carry and expose samples, patterns or specimens of any goods, wares or merchandise that are to be delivered in the Township afterwards are requested to first inform the Township Clerk or designate and provide identification and proof of the company they work for.

Transient Traders/Door-to-Door that provide requested information will be placed on the website as courtesy information to residents that the company may be in the area.

This policy does not apply to religious, political, charitable or organizations of similar nature.

Each person shall inform the Township of what they are selling and for what period of time. 

Person(s) shall not engage in door-to-door sales within the Township prior to 9:00am or after 7:00pm of any day.

Please note: the Township does not license Transient Traders/Door-to-Door Sales.  This policy is meant to help educate residents on how to protect themselves against aggressive, unsolicited, and misleading sales calls.



If your business wishes to conduct door-to-door sales in Augusta Township, please complete the attached form and bring it and your identification to the Township office (3560 County Road 26, Prescott) prior to commencing sales.

Door to Door Sales/Transient Trader Notification Application



Transient Traders/Door to Door Salespeople known to currently be working in the Township:

  • There are currently no known salespeople in the area.



When you open your door to a salesperson, remember:

    • Persons are directed not to conduct sales prior to 9am or after 7pm.
    • Certain products and services can’t be sold or marketed door-to-door.
    • Ask for photo ID and get the name of the person and the business.
    • Never share personal information for example, an electricity or gas bill).
    • If you ask a salesperson to leave, they must leave right away. If you feel unsafe, call the local police non-emergency line 613-925-4221.
    • Look at the company name on the salesperson’s business card and promotional material and see if it matches the company name on the proposed contract.
    • Do not rely on a salesperson’s opinion that your water heater is unsafe or should be replaced.
    • Local utility companies, municipalities, government agencies or regulatory organizations don’t send salespeople door-to-door.
    • Do not be pressured to sign a contract on the spot.
    • Read the contract’s cancellation rights.
    • Familiarize yourself with the Ontario Consumer Protection Act.
    • It’s OK to say ‘No thank you’.



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