Big River Festival & Tall Ships

August 23, 2019 – September 1, 2019 all-day
Blockhouse Island, Centeen Park, Hardy Park

A week long water & cultural festival taking place along Brockville’s beautiful waterfront, it will include 20 smaller events culminating with the return of the Tall Ships Festival. Check out a N American first – water jousting which uses retrofitted whaler boats. Other events take place inland, at Brockville Museum, Brockville Public Library, Stinger’s & Escape Brockville.

Other features include a canine dock diving event, professional bass fishing tournament, an Aquatarium “Octopus Garden” underwater musical performance, luau party on Refugee Island, and more!

Water events will take place at Hardy Park, Blockhouse Island and Centeen Park.

Tall Ships Website 

Tall Ships Facebook Page

Shootout Fishing League Website

NOTE: We’ll post more information on this big event as it becomes available.




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