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Augusta Matters: What’s Happening in Augusta

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Furbabies Get Vaccinated

On Wednesday, September 22, 2021, the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit, in cooperation with the Prescott Animal Hospital and the Township of Augusta held a Rabies Vaccination Clinic at the Township’s Garage.

A total of 49 dogs and 33 cats received their shots for a total of 82 pets now vaccinated.

Thank you to all who came out and protected their pets!

Posted September 23, 2021

Playground Repairs in North Augusta

Today the bottom part of the slide and climber net were replaced at the North Augusta playground.  These were damaged and ready for replacement.

More replacements and upgrades are in progress for this and other playgrounds in the Township.  Stay tuned!

Posted September 21, 2021

The New Mill Run Conservation Area on McCrea Road

South Nation Conservation (SNC) is pleased to welcome visitors to its newest property, now open for day-use! Mill Run Conservation Area is a 9-acre property on McCrea Road recently donated by Augusta Township to SNC and developed in part thanks to funding received by the Federal Government.

Read the complete media release on the South Nation Conservation website.

Posted September 13, 2021

Augusta Fire Rescue Dishes Ice Cream and Fire Prevention Tips

augusta firefighters with Creekside Diner's ice cream patrons

Last week members of our Fire Service attended Creekside Diner’s Ice Cream Stand to provide Ice Cream and fire prevention materials to residents. We are happy to support our community and look forward to the chance to do it again next year!

Posted September 10, 2021

Augusta Celebrates Labour Day

Congratulations to the North Augusta Recreation Committee and the Farmer’s Market participants for putting together another amazing Labour Day weekend festival once again this year.

Posted September 8, 2021

Safe Cycling is Important to Augusta

On August 25, 2021 the Safe Cycling Event organized by the OPP and Augusta Township took place in the parking lot of the Fire Department in Maitland. The event had over 30 people from all over the Township participating in the activities:

1.The OPP had several officers on site to explain about the ‘rules on the road’ and how to stay safe when cycling the roads.

2.All participants had their bikes serviced for free by the two bicycle repairmen. This activity was taken care of by Ron Whitehorn of ‘Ron’s Classic Cycle Repair’ and Bill Flikweert of ‘On the Trail’ (the official KONA dealer in our area).  Both worked together to get all the bikes serviced and safe!

3. The Bike decoration was taken care of by the volunteers from MERC (Maitland Education and Recreation Committee). They had prepared all kind of decorations like balloons, ribbons and reflective tape to decorate the bikes in a safe way. The kids loved this activity!

At each activity the participants received a stamp on their activity stamp card, which when filled was added to the lottery drawing bin. Before the lottery took place, we had a break with healthy snacks and cold bottles of water donated by O’Reilly’s Independent Grocer in Prescott.

After the break, the OPP guided all participants on a tour through Maitland. It was great to see how everybody practiced the road rules they had just taught by the OPP officers and all got back to the Fire Station safely!

When they arrived back, it was finally time for the lottery. Great safe cycling prizes like helmets, reflectors and bells, gloves and even special cycling socks were to available to win. All these prizes were donated by ‘On The Trails’, Canadian Tire Prescott and the OPP. The Fire Department also had a goody bag for each participant, to make sure nobody went home empty handed!

A big thanks to all the organizations that donated and/or participated in the event. It was great to see the community working together to provide such a great events to residents of our Township!

Posted August 26, 2021

Township Staff Receive First Aid Training

On August 16-17, 2021, the second group of Township staff (from both the Public Works Department and the Township office) received their First Aid training from Red Cross Instructor (and Augusta resident) Robin Yandeau.

2 township staff members receiving first aid training
Matthijs van der Veen & Myron Belej receive First Aid training from Robin Yandeau.

Posted August 26, 2021

Fire Extinguisher Training

Our Fire Prevention Officer trained our Public Works Employees and a local business on the proper use of Fire Extinguishers. This lesson allowed participants to learn about how a fire extinguisher works and then participants got to practice using an extinguisher on a “real” fire.

Posted August 26, 2021

Touch a Truck

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Touch a Truck event held on August 14, 2021 and donated to the Food Bank.

There was a total of 18 vehicles on hand for kids (and kids at heart) to explore.

Special thanks also go out to the Grenville OPP, L&G Paramedic Services, Campbell’s Towing and our awesome volunteers for participating.

A total of 285 pounds of food and $276 in cash was donated!

Posted August 26, 2021

Get a Ticket to Ride Starting August 30th River Route poster

Augusta Township, the Town of Prescott , the Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal and the City of Brockville have partnered to bring a new public transit service to popular employment areas with a bus route from Brockville to Cardinal along County Road 2, appropriately named the River Route.

Connecting with the existing Brockville transit system, the River Route begins in Brockville at the box store stop at 5:30am. The route will continue east and bring commuters to and from popular workplaces in Brockville, Augusta, Prescott, and Edwardsburgh Cardinal in a 2-hour loop for 12 hours each weekday with stops near Invista, Prescott Industrial Park, Giant Tiger Distribution Centre and Ingredion Canada.

The bus will be equipped with GPS to let riders know the bus location directly from the website, so you are always aware of your wait time. Helpful QR codes are at each bus stop for easy access to transit information via mobile devices.

For more information, please visit the River Route Public Transit website.



Posted August 23, 2021

A Fond Farewell

On August 12, 2021, Township staff and Council took an hour or so out of their day to hold an ‘end of summer’ BBQ to say thank you and goodbye to our summer students who will be leaving us in the next week or so.

Everyone had a feast of hamburgers, hot dogs and salad before saying their goodbyes, sending the students off with our thanks and a copy of the Augusta history book “Augusta: Royal Township Number Seven”.

Posted August 13, 2021

Library Yard & Plant Saleyard & plant sale. 9-1pm. saturday, september 11.

The Library is planning to hold a fundraising sale of donated plants and items from 9 AM – 1 PM on Saturday, September 11th.

They are accepting donations of items (new or gently used) until September 9th, and will be accepting donations of plants (healthy and clearly labeled) during regular hours on Thursday, September 9th.

Tables will also be available to rent for $10 for those who prefer to sell their own items.

Contact the Library for more information.




Posted August 11, 2021

Safe Cycling Eventsafe cycling event. wednesday august 28. 10-12:30 pm. augusta fire station 1 parking lot. 1022 county road 15, maitland. bring your bike.

Augusta Township and the OPP invite you to join the Safe Cycling Event at the Maitland Fire station on Wednesday August 25th from 10.00-12:30 pm.

This event is all about cycling and safety. Every day people are involved in cycling accidents and many of those accidents could be prevented. Grab your bike and come and see how to stay safe on the road!

Visit the event page to learn more.





Posted August 11, 2021

A Sandy Beach?  Not Quite

The Augusta Township Public Works Department have been working this week to restock our supply of sand for Township roads this winter.

Posted August 10, 2021

More Equipment for August Fire Rescuepowered air purifying respirators

Augusta Fire Rescue has purchased 4 new PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirators).

These units can be used on medical calls, during the investigation of a fire or a hoarding to provide our firefighters with clean air to breathe in to help protect them from the harmful effects of gases after a fire has been extinguished, mold, COVID-19 and many other types of airborne particles, etc.




Posted August 9, 2021

Augusta Fire Rescue’s Got a New Basketfire rescue basket

Augusta Fire has purchased a new stokes basket to assist in patient transport from tight or difficult spaces or spaces that our UTV can not reach.

Especially with Limerick Forest and all the trails in Augusta, this will help us carry patients to awaiting ambulances or our UTV, by allowing the patient to be contained and secure.  One more way for us to serve our residents better in their time of need.





Posted August 5, 2021

St. Lawrence Court Update

Paving has been completed on St. Lawrence Court.

Posted August 4, 2021

Culvert Replacements Continue

The Public Works Department are continuing to replace culverts around the Township.  Here’s their collection so far:

a big pile of old, dirty, rusted used culverts

Posted July 29, 2021

Mastic Smear Technique

The Township’s 2016 Road Needs Study (RNS) recommended that in 2017-2018 the Township should reconstruct Weir Road at a cost of approximately $850K.  This study is generically formed recommendations based on calculations and values which in turn give proposed infrastructure work and are meant as guidelines only.  Weir Road is a great example for why the Township defers from the study.  70-75% of the asphalt on Weir Road was in fair to good condition.  Take a rusty car for example – while the rust looks bad it doesn’t affect the performance of the car – just the appearance.  And if the rust is left unattended for some time, it will eventually eat the frame or break down the vehicle.  Weir Road was rusty but salvageable.

Last summer, for the first time a new process was used for Weir Road.  Created by the Township’s Public Works Manager, Brad Thake, the process called ‘Mastic Smear Technique’ was applied and appears to be successful.  With this process, we’re optimistic that this will extend the life of the road another 7-10 years at the minimal cost of $50K to Augusta taxpayers until reconstruction is needed.

Posted July 29, 2021

New Dry Hydrant InstalledDry Hydrant on Kyle Road

During the rehabilitation of the Kyle Road Bridge the Township installed a new dry hydrant!

Adding an additional dry hydrant allows for an additional water source for the fire service in the time of need. This helps Augusta Fire to provide better service to our residents.

Thank you to the Public Works Department for your assistance on this project.



Posted July 27, 2021

Augusta Has a New By-Law OfficerSamantha Hansen, By-Law Officer

Augusta Township has joined forces with the Town of Prescott and hired a new By-Law Office.  Samantha Hansen will be the looking after By-Law for both Augusta and Prescott and will also be assisting in the Building Department when needed.

Samantha has gained experience while working with the City of Ottawa and is looking forward to her position with us.

Samantha can be reached at the Town of Prescott (613-925-2812 ext. 6205) or by email (shansen@prescott.ca).

Welcome Samantha!





Posted July 23, 2021

What’s in a Sign?

Over the past year the Public Works staff have been working to replace road signs throughout the Township.

The signs are replaced when they are damaged or when the reflectivity is not up to standards.

Posted July 23, 2021

Township Staff Receive First Aid Training

On July 20 & 21, 2021, the first group of Township staff (from both the Public Works Department and the Township office) received First Aid training from Red Cross Instructor (and Augusta resident) Robin Yandeau.

Posted July 22, 2021
Updated July 23, 2021

Road & Ditching Work Continues

Ditching and culvert replacement work is continuing on Stephenson Road, Cedar Street and Willow Drive and granular stone is/has been laid on Rocky Road and St. Lawrence Court.

Posted July 22, 2021
Updated July 23, 2021

Summer Soccer Program Is Back!

Saturday, July 10, 2021 was the first day of the annual soccer program organized by the enthusiastic Maitland Soccer volunteers.

This amazing program will run until August 21, 2021 allowing all participating kids to have a great soccer season!!

Special thanks to all of the volunteers that make this program possible for our kids!

Posted July 22, 2021

Play in the Park – 1st Week a Success!

Our Recreation Department is very happy to announce that the new Play in the Park program had a successful first week.

The kids had a lot of fun playing soccer, baseball, basketball and making dragonfly clothes pins and construction paper bunnies.

We look forward to seeing you again this week!

Posted July 19, 2021

Augusta Fire Rescue Wants to Know Who’s Got Gas?2 gas meters

Augusta Fire has purchased 2 new four gas multi meters.

Our current units were over 10 years old and were starting to not be reliable for emergency calls.

Augusta Fire uses these mainly for detecting Carbon Monoxide in our residents homes but they can also detect flammable gases such as propane and natural gas and Hydrogen Sulfide.




Posted July 19, 2021

Lookout is Looking Good

The Maitland Look Out got a facelift last week.

As you can see from the before and after photos, the popular spot on County Road 2 for relaxing and enjoying the river view was mowed and trimmed up.

Posted July 19, 2021

Congratulations Everett!Sparky and Everett outside her home with her prize

Augusta Fire would like to congratulate 6 year old Everett on winning our Summer Contest.

Everett drew her Home Escape Plan, showing us two ways out of all the rooms in her home.

Her family is now prepared for an emergency.

Way to go Everett!




Posted July 19, 2021

Pulverized!!  Road & Ditching Work has Begun

The pulverizer touched down on Rocky Road yesterday (July 13)!  By the end of this week both Rocky and Dejong Roads should be pulverized.

Ditching has taken place on the 6th Concession and Bisseltown Road.  Ditching and culvert work has also been done on Rocky Road and St. Lawrence Court.

The crew is also out doing road side mowing and whipper snipping once again.

Posted July 14, 2021
Updated July 19, 2021

Country Roads Get a Facelift

New gravel was laid on Forsythe, Cooper and Ferguson roads this year.  Tackaberry & Sons and the Township’s Public Works staff put down a 3 inch layer of new granular M, shaped and compacted the road with a heavy application of calcium.  Some minor ditching work was also completed to improve drainage in the area.

Posted July 14, 2021

CN Rail Work Complete

CN Rail has completed the work they began July 6, 2021 on the railway track on South Campbell Road.

Posted July 14, 2021

Augusta Fire Rescue Receives a New Training Tool

The Ontario Government provide a Fire Safety Grant to all municipalities in March 2021. The grant was to be used for training or inspections and our department used the grant towards a new training tool.

We purchased a Forcible Entry Door Prop which will allow our firefighters to have more practical training in gaining access to properties in an emergency including our large industrial and commercial properties.

The unit was just delivered and our firefighters are eager to start using it.


Posted July 12, 2021

Thank you Brockville and Area Community Foundation!

Thank you to the Brockville and Area Community Foundation!


The Augusta Township Public Library’s grant application to the Brockville and Area Community Foundation for $1,500 to help improve our Recreation Lending Library Collection was accepted.

Currently, we plan to use this grant money to add a paddle board to the library and to expand the cross country ski collection.




Posted July 7, 2021

Turtle Power!

Another example of Augusta’s Public Works Department supporting Ontario’s turtle conservation efforts!

Staff work with various groups to identify numerous nesting areas in order to protect turtle eggs from traffic and predators along our roadways so baby turtles can safely hatch.


Posted July 6, 2021

Working to Save the Butterflies

Another wildlife initiative from Augusta Public Works Department…

Staff are working to help increase the declining population of Monarch Butterflies by implementing selective mowing practices throughout the Township.

Such practices include leaving roadside milkweed uncut, which are the only plants that the Monarch will lay its eggs on.

          Posted July 6, 2021

Training Resumes for our Firefighters

Augusta Fire Rescue has started training again.

During the Stay at Home Orders, fire training was put on hold to help protect our firefighters. We are now training in small crews of 5-6 to allow for proper distancing and more hands on training.

Our first training back was Auto Extrication and we would like to thank Campbell’s Towing for the use of their property and donating vehicles.


July 6, 2021

New Program – Play in the Parkplay in the park with augusta township. basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, badminton and more. all children must be accompanied by an a parent/guardian 12+, maynard ball diamond, mondays 9-11am, maitland ball diamond tuesdays 9-11am, north augusta ball diamond wednesdays 9-11am roebuck ball diamond, thursdays 9-11am.

Hey kids! Join us starting the week of July 12 for Play in the Park!

Augusta’s Recreation Staff will be making their way to the ball diamonds weekly with a variety of sports and activities for kids to enjoy.

Visit our Play in the Park – 2021 page for more information.





Posted July 2, 2021

Augusta Businesses Have Grown Their Online Presencedigital main street logo

The South Grenville Digital Service Squad (DSS), which helped businesses across South Grenville to boost their online presence between October 2020 and June 2021, was a successful partnership between Augusta Township, the Town of Prescott and the Township of Edwardsburgh Cardinal.

Out of 254 Digital Service Squad visits, 33 were in Augusta; and out of 80 businesses that registered for the available programs, 13 were from Augusta.

Participating businesses were able to access support with branding, e-commerce, online marketing and social media management.


Posted June 28, 2021

No Need for a Building Permit for this Remodel

Another example of our Public Works employees keeping our drainage network open and keeping those pesky beavers at bay.

worker removing beaver dam out of municipal drain    worker removing beaver dam out of municipal drain    worker removing beaver dam out of municipal drain

Posted June 28, 2021

Pollinator Demo Garden at Township Office

In celebration of pollinator week 2021, we had the pleasure of partnering with the Canadian Wildlife Federation to create a demo garden in front of the Township Office on County Road 26.

The CWF was kind enough to donate a variety of native plants that have now been planted in our flower beds and we are looking forward to watching them grow and benefit the pollinator community.

pollinator garden in front of the township office in Maynard    pollinator garden in front of the township office in Maynard

Posted June 28, 2021

Work Progresses!

Things are happening at the new Main Street North Augusta Recreation Hall (the site of the former Masonic Hall).

A big THANK YOU goes out to Dave Coville & Elmer’s Construction for the tile drainage, topsoil and machine raking which prepared the site so JMB Equipment and Hydroseeding could seed the entire area! The grass has only started to grow but the improvement is already visible!

Job well done!!

ground raked for hydroseeding at main street rec centre in north augusta    hydroseeding at main street rec centre in north augusta    hydroseeding and fencing at main street rec centre in north augusta

hydroseeding at main street rec centre in north augusta    elmer's construction 926-2541 RR2 north augusta, septic sales, installations & pumping. Machine rentals, snow removal, hoe-ram, topsoil, gravel    another job by JMB equipment hydroseeding, brush cutting/lot clearing. 613-802-1691 www.jmbequipment.ca

Posted June 28, 2021

Council Says No To Proposed Amalgamation of Fire Servicesaugusta fire rescue's logo

Augusta Township Council has decided to continue with its part-time on-call fire department instead of embracing the county-wide Fire Department model recommended in a consultant’s report presented to the United Counties’ Modernization – Shared Services Task Force in March.

At the May 25, 2021 Council meeting, Council defeated the resolution proposing the amalgamation of Leeds & Grenville’s Fire Departments after being presented Chief Bowman’s report which analyzed the Pomax Consulting document. The Chief’s report concluded that amalgamation would increase costs to most rural municipalities and lead to the potential closure of 10 of the 24 fire stations in Leeds and Grenville, including the one in North Augusta, thereby adding to emergency response times and to the insurance costs of homeowners.

Copies of the consultants report and the Fire Chiefs analysis can be found on this website.

Pomax Consulting Report

Chief Bowman’s Analysis

Posted June 28, 2021

Community Partners Making Our Township Beautiful

Community partners are people or organizations in our Township that voluntarily step up to help our community flourish.

Today we’d like to put a spotlight on the amazing work being done in the community gardens next to the Recreation Halls in Maitland, Roebuck and North Augusta as well as the flower boxes on the bridge in North Augusta. As you can see from the pictures the hard work of many volunteered hands pay off!

These wonderful gardens are a real pleasure to the eye and put a smile on many people’s faces!

Township Council and Staff would like to thank all the people who have contributed their time and effort to make this possible for our community. Keep up the good work!

If you are interested in making a difference like this, please reach out to Township staff and we can bring you in touch with our amazing volunteers or help look at other locations that might be interesting to look after.

flower beds at the front of the maitland recreation centre    flower beds at the back of the maitland recreation centre    garden at the roebuck recreation centre    archway and topiary-type trees at the roebuck recreation centre

flower beds in front of the north augusta recreation centre    flower beds at the community center in north augusta    flower boxes on bridge in North Augusta 02    flower boxes on bridge in North Augusta 01

Posted June 28, 2021

Augusta Fire Rescue’s New Balaclavasnew balaclava

Through our ongoing Capital Budget planning, we will be purchasing 10 new balaclavas a year for the next 4 years.

A balaclavas is an essential piece of firefighter protective equipment and all members currently have one.

These new balaclavas are proven to help to reduce particulates from cancer causing carcinogens getting on firefighters while fighting a fire and we want to do everything we can to protect our members.




Posted June 23, 2021

Augusta Fire Rescue Invests in New Airbagstwo different sizes of airbags

While these may not look like much, these are inflatable airbags that can help us lift a vehicle or heavy objects when needed.

The large airbag can lift 32 ton which is equivalent to a transport truck and the small airbag can lift 17 ton which will lift any standard vehicle. The airbags can quickly inflate/deflate  to help our firefighters quickly at a scene.

Our current airbags have expired and these were replaced through regular capital budget planning.





Posted June 18, 2021

Kyle & Klitbo Bridge Work Completed

Left-Right: Public Works Manager Brad Thake, Deputy Mayor Shaver, Councillors Schapelhouman, Henry & Bowman, CAO Bryan Brown & Willis Kerr Bridge Contractor Robert Brooker

Augusta Township Council, staff and Willis Kerr (Bridge Contractor) met on Thursday, June 17, 2021 to celebrate the completion of the Kyle Road Bridge and Klitbo Road Bridge reconstruction project.

Work on the bridges finished 6 weeks earlier than the original completion date.

The Public Works Department would like to thank everyone for their patience during this time.








Posted June 18, 2021

First Summer Farmer’s & Craft Market of the Season a Great Success!

This past Saturday, June 12th, was the first Farmer’s & Craft Market of the season. People were very enthusiastic and we received over 160 customers who visited our 20+ vendors at the market held in the parking lot next to MERC hall in Maitland. Thank you to all who came out and supported local!

If you are interested to become a vendor, please email: mvanderveen@augusta.ca

tents set up at the farmer's & craft market June 12, 2021 tents set up at the farmer's & craft market June 12, 2021 tents set up at the farmer's & craft market June 12, 2021 tents set up at the farmer's & craft market June 12, 2021

tents set up at the farmer's & craft market June 12, 2021 tents set up at the farmer's & craft market June 12, 2021 tents set up at the farmer's & craft market June 12, 2021 tents set up at the farmer's & craft market June 12, 2021 tents set up at the farmer's & craft market June 12, 2021

tents set up at the farmer's & craft market June 12, 2021

Posted June 18, 2021

Kyle Road Bridge Nearly Complete

Kyle Road Bridge repairs

The Kyle Road Bridge repairs are nearly complete.  Expect the bridge to reopen soon.

Posted June 15, 2021

Augusta Continues it’s Building Boomphoto of a building permit form with a sign in front that says building permits

The Augusta Township Building Department continues to be having a record year this year.  Year to date, permits have been issued for 8 new homes, 13 new decks, 13 demolitions, 7 renovations/additions, 7 garages, 21 sheds, 4 agricultural buildings, 1 commercial storage space and 21 new pools.





Posted June 10, 2021

Roadside Cleanuptractor cutting the long grass on the side of the township road

Augusta Township’s road crews have started roadside cleanup.

Please watch for flashing lights as they travel our roads.







Posted June 10, 2021

Drainage Superintendent Appointed

brad thake
Brad Thake

Municipal drains are vital to communities. They reduce flooding, improve safety & reduce property damage.

Augusta Township Council recently appointed Brad Thake, Public Works Manager, as the Township’s Drainage Superintendent after he completed the necessary OMAFRA course to become certified.

He will now oversee the maintenance, repair &   operation of Augusta’s drainage systems.





Posted June 10, 2021

Economic Development Strategy Tour

members of the tour
(Left-Right) Jennifer Wood, Fotenn Planning + Design; Paul Blais, MDB Insight; Clark Hoskin, MDB Insight; Myron Belej, Augusta Township; Bryan Brown, Augusta Township; Marco Vincelli, EVB Engineering

On Friday, May 28th, a consulting team including representatives from MDB Insight, Fotenn Planning + Design and EVB Engineering completed a physically-distanced tour of Augusta Township with our CAO and Planner. The consultants are conducting a Land Development/Needs Analysis which will inform creation of an Economic Development Strategy over the next few months. The team discussed opportunities for connecting utility servicing; promoting commercial and industrial growth; enhancing recreational access along the St. Lawrence River; and developing underutilized lands, including within existing settlement areas.








Posted May 31, 2021

Join the HURRA! Move It Challenge During the Month of June

The HURRA! Move it Challenge will be held throughout the month of June, 2021. The event is a partnership with ParticipAction and will be held virtually across Eastern Ontario. Participants will be encouraged to get outside and explore their local trail networks and active transportation networks. This style of event is accessible to all age ranges and abilities. Participants will record their kilometers walked, hiked and/or cycled in their communities.

hurrah challenge information page 01   


Read more about the Challenge in the Media Release.

Posted May 31, 2021

June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month in Augustathe proclamation from Augusta Township Council declaring June LGBTQ+ Pride Month

At the May 25, 2021 Council meeting, Augusta Township Council declared the month of June ‘LGBTQ+ Pride Month’ in Augusta.

Proclamation Declaring June LGBTQ+ Pride Month in Augusta





Posted May 27, 2021

Growing Demand for Planning and Development Services in 2021photo of the cover of the zoning by-law

The number of severance applications received in 2021 already exceeds our 2020 numbers.

Properties of all kinds (from vacant lots to homes priced at over $1 million) continue to sell quickly, and planning and development inquiries are at record levels. The Township is in the process of hiring another Planner and we ask for patience with our response times in the meantime as it may be several weeks before we can respond to non-urgent requests.

For direct access to planning, zoning and property information, please visit our website’s Planning page.


Posted May 19, 2021

photo of maitland tower staff and township staff in front of the maitland tower
(Left to Right) Michele Andrews, Matthijs van der Veen, Bryan Brown, and Todd Royer

Township Staff Tour the Maitland Tower Site 

Last week, the Township’s CAO, Planner, and Community Development and Recreation Coordinator were given a socially distanced tour of the renovations in progress at the Maitland Tower site, located along the St. Lawrence River in the heart of Maitland. Their team is registered for both the Living Community Challenge and the Living Building Challenge. Significant restoration work has been completed on the inside of the 200+ year old Maitland Tower and improvements have been started on other buildings as well. We look forward to seeing more redevelopment in Maitland!









Posted May 19, 2021

Meetings at the Maitland Industrial Park photo of the maitland industrial park

The Township’s CAO and Planner have met recently with several current business operators at the Maitland Industrial Park. Staff also toured different buildings with a business executive interested in establishing bio-industrial operations in Augusta Township. A number of structures are being repaired and renovated, and both vacant/greenfield and developed/serviced lands are currently available for purchase. For more information, contact Myron Belej at mbelej@augusta.ca.





Posted May 19, 2021

Provincial Highway 401 Corridor Study in Progress photo of the 401 from the blue church road overpass

Township staff recently participated in a municipal stakeholder meeting with Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) representatives. On behalf of the MTO, consulting firm AECOM is undertaking a Planning, Preliminary Design, and Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) study to widen Highway 401 to up to 8 lanes from 3.3 km west of County Road 15 (the Maitland exit) to 1 km east of Highway 416 (which connects north to Ottawa).

Municipal staff have asked the project team to study options for new interchanges as part of their design process. More information about public consultation opportunities will be posted on the MTO’s project website.




Posted May 19, 2021

Introducing Our Summer Studentsphotos of connor, madison & katie and the canada summer jobs logo

Augusta Township would like to introduce our 3 students that have been hired for summer employment – positions that are partially funded by the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Connor, a Business Marketing student at St. Lawrence College, will be out on the roads with our Public Works Department.

Madison, a Business Administration student at Nipissing University, will be working in the office helping to bring the Fire Department into the 21st century.

Katie, an Athletic Therapy student at Sheridan College, will be assisting in both the Recreation and Administration Departments.


We welcome and look forward to working with our students to provide a valuable and meaningful work experience.





Posted May 17, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Cliniccartoon of vaccine bottle and needle and germs

On May 4th the Township of Augusta and the Town of Prescott partnered with the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit to host a COVID Vaccine Clinic at the Leo Boivin Community Centre in Prescott.

Volunteers from both municipalities worked closely with Health Unit employees to vaccinate 250 local residents.

Township of Augusta Mayor Doug Malanka, Councilor Michelle Bowman, Public Works Manager Brad Thake and Fire Chief Rob Bowman were all part of the wonderful volunteer contingent the day that went off without a hitch.

Special thanks go out to Prescott Tim Hortons owner and Augusta Township resident Shawn Lockett and his staff for their generous donation of coffee and Tim Bits to the Clinic.

Posted May 17, 2021

Positioned for Growthaugusta, prescott and mdb insight's logos

Triggered by an unprecedented rise in the number of recent residential and business inquiries, the Township of Augusta and the Town of Prescott have partnered to hire MDB Insight to complete individual economic development strategies for each municipality and to complete a Joint Economic Opportunities Analysis.

From now until September 2021, staff from MDB Insight will be working closely with Council members, senior staff, business owners and residents from both communities to develop ‘blueprints’ for how to expand and attract increased economic and employment activity to residents of  both municipalities in the future.

Posted May 17, 2021

Community Safety & Well-Being Plansays community safety and well-being planning framework

Under the Province of Ontario’s Police Services Act, all municipalities across Ontario have been mandated to have Community Safety and Well-Being Plans in place by July 1, 2021.

A Community Safety and Well-Being Plan identifies risks and proactively develops evidence-based strategies and programs to address local priorities related to crime and complex social issues. These strategies and programs can then be implemented.

As a result, the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville (representing all 10 municipalities) recently lead a ½ day community consultation process to collect input from approximately 100 participants, information that will in turn be used to support and promote sustainable communities where everyone feels safe, has a sense of belonging, access to services and where individuals and families can meet their education, health care, food, housing, income social and cultural needs. Several members of Augusta municipal Council and senior staff participated in this event.

Posted May 17, 2021

Augusta is Modernizingfilehold logo

The Information Professionals and Image Advantage provided the Township with Document Management software and methodology for organizing information that exists within our organization.

A comprehensive Records management system for the Corporation  will ensure the Municipality continues to be compliant with current Legislation.



Posted May 17, 2021

Transit Service Pilot Project brockville transit bus

The Townships of Augusta and Edwardsburgh-Cardinal and the Town of Prescott have partnered with the City of Brockville to develop a 6-month transit service pilot project.

After securing a $25,000 contribution towards the project from the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (delivered by the Eastern Ontario Leadership Council) Augusta, Edwardsburgh-Cardinal and Prescott each committed $10,000 towards the project, while Brockville committed the use of one of its transit buses to the initiative. Staff from the 4 communities are currently working towards implementing a 6-month pilot project that will focus on assisting employers and commuters from the 4 communities get from home to work and back travelling along County Road 2. The goal of the pilot project is to determine whether or not there is long-term need/demand for a more permanent transit service between these communities.  Depending on Provincial COVID restrictions, it is expected that the project will officially be announced and initiated in June 2021.

Posted May 17, 2021

Tax Bills Can Now Be Emailedemail symbol with title tax bills

Property owners can now request to have their tax bills emailed to them instead of having paper copies mailed to them via Canada Post.  If you would like to register for emailed tax bills, send an email to tax@augusta.ca with your contact and property information.

The Tax Department will only contact you if they have questions.  As is the case with all tax bills, emailed tax bills will be sent out the first week of September (final) or first week of March (interim).




Posted May 17, 2021