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St. Lawrence River Shoreline Stabilization Work (Post Flooding), 2017

Record high water levels on the St. Lawrence River in Augusta Township throughout May and June have caused erosion damage to natural shorelines and damage to shoreline structures (seawalls, gabion baskets, docks, boathouses, etc.). While some properties have no visible damage, others have minor damage and many will require extensive remedial work.

Prior to carrying out repair work along the shoreline (riparian zone) residents are requested to check with their local conservation authority (South Nation Conservation/Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority) to determine if approvals/permits will be required prior to any work being undertaken (e.g. shoreline stabilization or repair to shore works, erosion control, dock reconstruction, etc.).

Conservation Authority staff will also be able to provide information on the timing of in-water work and the possibility of authorizations being required from other agencies such as the Department of Fisheries and Oceans/Transport Canada (federal) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (provincial).

Along the St. Lawrence River, the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority watershed extends into Augusta Township from our west boundary as far easterly as Irace Drive. South Nation Conservation’s jurisdiction extends from Irace Drive to the Augusta/Prescott boundary.

The riparian zone (the area along the shores of our creeks and rivers) is an important area for wildlife and water quality. Trees and shrubs along the riparian zone provide a vegetative buffer that provides shelter and food for wildlife while intercepting upland nutrients. Trees and shrubs also provide valuable natural erosion protection. They are extremely resilient. Do not be too quick to remove shoreline plants. Instead, give damaged plants an opportunity to respond with natural regrowth.

Waterfront property owners will want to remove any fallen branches and debris from their shoreline. Be sure not to dispose of garbage, debris or sandbags in the river. Woody debris and garbage can be taken to one of our waste transfer stations. Sand from sandbags should be deposited on your property provided it is placed upland away from the regulatory flood plain (placing it well beyond where the river water encroached on your land at its highest point is a relatively safe bet) or it can be taken to the public works garage on Algonquin Road (east of Algonquin) during normal office hours (08:30-04:30). Empty sandbags should either be retained or taken to the waste transfer station. If keeping them for possible future use, be sure to store them in a dark and dry location. Sandbags deteriorate rapidly in direct sunlight.

Residents are also reminded, if work is required to rebuild structures identified in the Building Code (such as their residences, cottages, boat houses, sheds or garages), that building permits and other permits issued by the municipal office building department and other government agencies may also be required.

Agency Contact Information:

South Nation Conservation

38 Victoria Street,

Finch, ON  K0C 1K0

Tel: 613-984-2948

Toll Free: 877-984-2948

Website: www.nation.on.ca


Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority

1641 Perth Road,

Kingston, ON  K0H 1S0

Tel: 613-546-4228

Toll Free: 877-956-2722

Website: https://crca.ca


Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

10 Campus Drive,

Kemptville, ON  K0G 1J0

Tel: 613-258-8204

Toll Free:  800-667-1940

Website: www.ontario.ca