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Noise and our Community


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The Township of Augusta’s Noise By-Law (3704-2024) regulates the amount of noise and the time of day noise can occur within the municipality. The purpose of the By-Law is to preserve and protect reasonable peace and quite while at home to protect residents from unreasonable or unnecessary noise.




Here are a few key points regarding this By-Law:

  • At any time, no person shall emit, cause, or permit the emission of noise that is likely to disturb any person in the Township due to the following:
    • operating electronic devices or a group of connected electronic devices incorporating one of more speakers, and intended for the production, reproduction, or amplification of noise (example: musical instruments, loudspeakers, amplifiers, microphones etc.)
    • operating any construction equipment, combustion engine, or pneumatic device without 
      an Original Equipment Manufacturer specification exhaust or intake muffling device in good working order and in constant operation.
    • excessively revving of any motor vehicle except as required for by a licensed mechanic at a place of business for automotive repair.
    • operating a motor vehicle horn or other warning device except where required or authorized by law or in accordance with good safety practices.
    • the persistent barking, calling, whining or noise of any domestic pet except an animal used for agricultural purposes.

The fine for any of these offences is $200 per incident.


  • From 11pm to 7am from Monday to Friday or from 11pm to 8am on Saturday & Sunday, no person shall emit, cause, or permit the emission of noise resulting from the following:
    • the operation of any construction equipment (example: hand tools, power tools, bulldozers, excavators etc.).
    • noise produced by yelling, shouting, whistling, singing, and noise produced during any community or private event.
    • the operation of lawn and property maintenance equipment (example: mowers, hedgers, aerators, blowers, chain saws etc.).
    • setting off fireworks or similar explosive pyrotechnic devices (with the exception of January 1st when the prohibited time is from 1am-8am)

The fine for any of these offences is $200 per incident.

harvester in a field

  • There are some exemptions from this By-Law.  The following are a just few: 
    • normal farm practices in accordance with the Farm Practices Protection Act.
    • the activities of snow plowing, snow blowing, and/or snow removal.
    • emergency measures undertaken for the immediate health, safety or welfare of any person, or the preservation or restoration of property.
    • sirens, bells or noise associated with emergency services, essential services, and all other activities conducted by the Municipal, Provincial or Federal governments, any utility provider, or their agents associated with the provisions of maintenance of essential services.
    • the performance of any use permitted in a commercial or industrial zone (as defined in the Zoning By-Law) where the work is done in the normal manner or in order to maintain continuous operation.
    • church bells, chimes or carillons normally associated with religious traditional and festive activities
    • the ringing of bells, blowing or sounding of any horn, yelling shouting, hooting or hollering at a community or private event during permitted times.
    • generators in use due to power outages or required testing where electricity is normally supplied by an electrical provider such as Hydro One.
    • Township staff/contractors carrying out Township operations.


  • Any person may request an exemption to any provision of this By-Law within a minimum of 45 days prior to the commencement of each individual event (consecutive day events shall be considered an individual event).
  • Exemption applications related to private or community events shall only be extended to 1am on Fridays, Saturdays and Statutory Holidays.

To apply for an exemption, please complete the Noise By-Law Exemption Application and apply either by email to our By-Law Enforcement Officer at Dbarnett@prescott.ca or drop it off at the Township Office (3560 County Road 26).  Please note: there is a $25 fee per event that must be paid before the exemption will be issued.



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