council standing in front of the CABN home

COUNCIL MEMBERS & STAFF ATTEND OPEN HOUSE Several members of Augusta Township Council and staff attended the official opening of the CABN show home last Thursday, May 11, 2023. The Township has been excited to be in discussion with CABN on future potential development opportunities for these sustainable, net zero homes within Augusta Township.

Diamond Bridge with fresh pavement.

DIAMOND BRIDGE REOPENS EARLY Our Public Works Department is happy to announce that the work on Diamond Bridge has been completed early and the bridge is now reopened to traffic. We thank residents for their patience while the work was being done.              

emergency preparedness week alert ready & 211 logos

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS WEEK: MAY 7-13, 2023 This year’s federal Emergency Preparedness Week theme is Be Prepared. Know the Risks. Understanding possible risks is just as important as preparing for emergencies or disasters. Many types of hazards could impact Augusta residents including natural and technological or human caused hazards. Some of Augusta’s potential hazards include severe … Continue reading “Emergency Preparedness Week (May 7-13)”

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