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Brad Thake gives a cheque to Bill Tennant

Just kidding! On a more serious note, a deal was made this summer between a local contractor, and the Township’s Public Works and Recreation Departments that allowed the contractor to use a Township recreation space in North Augusta during a project they were working on. Once the project was complete, the contractor made a $500 … Continue reading “A Local Contractor, the Public Works Dept., and the Recreation Dept. Walk Into a Bar….”

Firefighter flooding a rink

Our amazing volunteers have been working hard over the last couple of weeks to get the outdoor rinks ready for public use. This past week, our the Augusta Fire Rescue firefighters have been out to the North Augusta, Maynard and Cedar Street outdoor rinks to help with the initial fill. Thank you to the volunteers … Continue reading “Outdoor Rinks”

Augusta Township donating money raised from parade to Connect Youth Inc.

During the Drive-By Christmas Parade, donations were accepted for Connect Youth Inc. A total of $500 was collected that night.  Thank you again to everyone who came out and were able to make a donation! Posted December 21, 2021

Charleville Road patch work

Earlier this month, the Public Works crew did some road patching work around the Township.

Nature did a number on the dive site recently and the brush and branches desperately needed trimming. Township staff took care of this and made sure that everyone can enjoy the view of the St. Lawrence River again. The facility is ready for divers next spring. Posted November 17, 2021