2023 Dog & Kennel Licenses Now Available

2023 dog and kennel licenses are now available.  By-Law 3584-2022 states that ALL dogs/kennels must be licensed by March 31, 2023

2023 dog and kennel licenses on sale now

Licenses will be available at a discounted price until that time.

Licenses can be purchased at the Township office during regular office hours.  

Dog licenses can also be purchased by completing the application online and e-transferring the payment.  The tag/license will then be mailed to your home.  Please note: there is an extra $2 charge added when purchasing your license this way to cover the cost of postage.

Kennel licenses can not be purchased online.

Kennel owners are reminded that proof of their kennel identifier tag/tattoos will be required at the time of application.  Large kennels will also require a kennel inspection completed by a licensed veterinarian.

You can find the kennel license application, the online dog license application and more information about licenses on the Dog Owner & Kennel Operator Responsibilities page.

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