Emergency Preparedness Week (May 7-13)

emergency preparedness week may 7-13, 2023


This year’s federal Emergency Preparedness Week theme is Be Prepared. Know the Risks.

Understanding possible risks is just as important as preparing for emergencies or disasters. Many types of hazards could impact Augusta residents including natural and technological or human caused hazards.

Some of Augusta’s potential hazards include severe weather (heat, cold, rain, drought, snow, etc.), power/telecommunication outages, and chemical spills (road, rail, pipeline, and industry).

Visit our Emergency Preparedness page to learn more about the hazards that may affect our municipality.


EP Week: Evonik


As a ‘Responsible Care” industry in Augusta, Evonik Canada has strived to protect the residents of the municipality in the event of an emergency at its Maitland site. They use environmentally sound processes, practice emergency preparedness and create awareness and input by having residents on a Community Advisory Panel.

To learn more about Evonik and Responsible Care, please visit the township’s Emergency Preparedness page.





Being prepared includes developing an emergency preparedness plan to shelter in place or to evacuate depending on the circumstances; putting together a 72-hour kit even if you plan to stay at home or evacuate. Being alert leads to staying informed.

For more information, please visit the township’s Emergency Preparedness page.


Ontario’s 2023 EPW theme is “A Safe, Practiced and Prepared Ontario.” This theme helps to promote the recent release of the Ontario Provincial Emergency Management Strategy and Action Plan (PEMSAP) which provides emergency management guidance to the province, municipalities, unincorporated communities, First Nations, and others.

Read more on the province’s website.


emergency preparedness week take care your pets and livestockEMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS WEEK: LIVESTOCK, PETS & SERVICE ANIMALS

Livestock, pets, and service animals need to be safeguarded during an emergency. If you have livestock (cows, horses, other livestock, or fowl), prepare an emergency plan that details their care and alternate housing options. Prepare an emergency kit(s) for your pet(s). Include your pet in your family emergency plan exercises. Know where your pet will be accepted if you need to evacuate.

For more information, please visit the township’s Emergency Preparedness page.



emergency preparedness week alert ready & 211 logosEMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS WEEK: KEEP INFORMED

At the onset of a major emergency requiring prompt actions by residents, Augusta Township staff may activate the Provincial Alert Ready system. Information will be conveyed to residents via radio, television, and specific cellphones. Follow-up messaging may be available to residents by calling 211 with whom Augusta has an agreement.

For more information, please visit the township’s Emergency Preparedness page.

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