Maitland Disc Golf Course Adds More Holes & A Bridge

Last December, the first 8 holes of the Maitland Disc Golf course were installed and then officially opened during the Winter Carnival in February.  At that time, plans were already underway for holes 9 and 10, plus the replacement of the temporary bridge by a more permanent one.

As you can see from the photos below, holes 9 and 10 have now been installed and are open for play.  Also, the new bridge was installed making it safer for players to pass the little creek that runs in this area.

We would like to thank the volunteers involved, who spent their precious time to upgrade and complete the course!

Want to try Disc Golf but don’t have the equipment?  The Augusta Township Public Library has sets of discs available which were generously donated by the Maitland Disc Golf Club.

new disc golf hole     new disc golf hole     new bridge at maitland disc golf course

Posted July 8, 2022

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