MEDIA RELEASE: Augusta Township Donates to Alaine Chartrand Community Centre

Media Release

For Immediate Release June 30, 2023


Prescott & Augusta Council presenting a cheque
L-R: Prescott Councillors Justin Kirkby, Tracey Young & Leanne Burton, Augusta Councillor Tanya Henry, Prescott Councillor Ruth Lockett, Augusta Councillor Michele Bowman, Augusta Mayor Jeff Shaver, Augusta Deputy Mayor Adrian Wynands, Prescott Mayor Gauri Shankar, Prescott Councillor Mary Campbell and Committee Member David Beattie.

Maynard, Ontario – Mayor Jeff Shaver and Council were pleased to present Prescott Mayor Shankar and Council a donation in the amount of $75,000 towards the construction of the Alaine Chartrand Community Centre that is nearing completion and expected to open later in August 2023.

Mayor Shaver spoke about the Township of Augusta playing a significant part in the construction of the Leo Boivin Community Centre in 1968 by donating building materials and supplies. “Our residents and council want to keep this tradition continuing by supporting this new facility at this time. Along with Prescott, we are also proud of certain individuals such as Alaine Chartrand and Ben Hutton who will soon be bringing the Stanley Cup to Prescott. Both athletes, Alaine and Ben, are proud residents of Augusta Township,” said Mayor Shaver.
The new facility will be located on Churchill Road West across from the Kriska Warehouse. The Town of Prescott and surrounding communities have been without an indoor rink since the Spring of 2018. The ice surface of the Leo Boivin Community Centre closed in 2018 due to an ammonia leak in the ice plant system. This facility, located on Dibble Street East, continues to be used for a range of town activities and special events.

“We are proud to have Augusta township collaborating with the Town of Prescott in helping us obtain funding for this arena that will benefit all the residents in South Grenville. We are looking forward to future projects where we work together for all our residents,” said Mayor Shankar.

“On behalf of the residents of Augusta Township, we are pleased to make this donation of $75,000 dollars to the Alaine Chartrand Community Centre, and we are equally thankful for the naming of the Augusta Walking Track,” said Mayor Shaver.

This project has been the result of several organizations and volunteers coming together to build a community centre that will be a staple of Prescott for generations to come. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be part of this investment and celebration.

For more information please contact:
Shannon Geraghty, CAO
(613) 925-4231 ext. 102

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