River Watch 2023 #3: Water Level Survey

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River Watch 2023 # 3

Conservation authorities and the MNRF had just started to indicate water levels on the Ottawa River and the Great Lake’s tributaries were starting to recede when the latest round of inclement weather moved into Ontario and Quebec on Sat. April 29th. Meteorologists are estimating that around 50-70mm of precipitation may occur from this event. As an example, from April 29 to May 2, Brockville received 62.1mm (and it is still raining). With that amount of precipitation, Lake Ontario levels will rise, as will the level of the St. Lawrence River. The municipality will be closely monitoring the situation.

We Need Your Help: Water Level Survey, 2023

With both the 2017 and 2019 flood events, we know what the peak elevation of the river in Augusta Township each year was. We do not however, have an accurate idea of when properties along the river were first affected. Should our levels rise to a point where your property is impacted (i.e., shoreline damage, flooded weeper beds, flooded infrastructure (boathouse, sheds, residence), etc., we would greatly appreciate receiving an email from you when the damage is first noted. That information will allow us to set an elevation point for the occurrence. With that knowledge we will be able to keep residents better informed as levels go up and respond more quickly to the need for sand and sandbags. Please email emergplan@augusta.ca if damage starts to occur to your property or perhaps to that of a friend or neighbour.

The week of May 07-13 is Emergency Preparedness Week across Canada. The Township’s Facebook page will be posting information on how you and your family can be prepared for emergency events such as inclement weather and flooding. Visit our website’s Emergency Preparedness page for more detailed information.

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