Turtle Power!

turtle nest boxes along the roadside with pilons

All of Ontario’s 8 species of turtles are listed as species at risk.  Leeds & Grenville is home to 5 of those 8 species – the common snapping turtle, eastern musk, painted, northern map and blanding’s turtles.

As such, Augusta Township has partnered with L&G Turtles to do what we can to try and protect their nests during this time of year – the turtle’s egg-laying season.

When out on the roads, our Public Works staff will be keeping an eye out out for nests – piles of sand and gravel found on the side of the roadways – and notifying L&G Turtles so nest protectors can be placed over them.

These nest protectors are 2×2 squares made from 2×4’s with screen mesh on the top to protect the nests from predators.  When the baby turtles hatch, they can escape through slots on the sides of the protectors and go down into nearby water.

Augusta Township even made the news: CTV Ottawa News Clip


Posted June 16, 2022

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