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3413-2019 Building By-Law BEING A BY-LAW RESPECTING CONSTRUCTION, DEMOLITION AND CHANGE OF USE PERMITS AND INSPECTIONS Passed by Council April 23, 2019 Read more about building permits on our Building Information and Applications page. AMENDED March 11, 2024 by By-Law 3696-2024   THE CORPORATION OF THE TOWNSHIP OF AUGUSTA BY-LAW NUMBER 3413-2019 A BY-LAW RESPECTING CONSTRUCTION, DEMOLITION … Continue reading “3413-2019 Building By-Law”

chart detailing number of loading spaces

2965-2012 Zoning By-Law (including maps) BEING A ZONING BY-LAW TO REGULATE THE USE OF LAND, BUILDINGS AND STRUCTURES WITHIN THE TOWNSHIP OF AUGUSTA Passed by Council October 22, 2012   Please be advised that Zoning By-law Number 2965 as it appears on the website has since been amended. Zoning By-Law Amendments have not been consolidated … Continue reading “2965-2012 Zoning By-Law”

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