Corporation Of The Township Of Augusta By-law Number2524 Beinga By-law To Appoint Anby-law Officer For The Township Of Augusta Whereasthe Police Services Act R.s.o. 1990 C. P 15 Section 13(1) As Amended, Empowers The Municipal Council To Appoint Persons To Enforce By-laws Of The

The Corporation Ofthe Township Ofaugusta By-law No.2517 Beinga By-law Toappointan Auditorfor The Township Of Augusta Whereassection296 Of Themunicipal Act, 2001 C. 25 Requires That A Municipality Shall Appoint An Auditor Licensed Under Thepublic Accountancy Act Now Thereforethe Council Of The Corporation Of Thetownship Of Augustadoes Hereby Enact As

The Corporation Of The Township Of Augusta By-law Number 2465 A By-law To Adopt A Policy For Validating Driver’s Licences For Township Employees And Volunteers Whereasthecouncilofthecorporation Of The Township Of Augusta Deems It Desirabletoenactaby-lawrespectingpoliciesandproceduresfortheensuringthatonly Validlylicensedemployeesandvolunteersdrive Township Vehicles Under The Ministry Of Transportation’s – Ontario Vehicle Impoundment Program