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Augusta Township Office Visitor COVID-19 Protocols

** UPDATED June 2, 2021 **


When the Township office in Maynard is open to the public, it will be with extra precautions in place to to ensure social distancing recommendations are followed.  In order to keep physical contact to a minimum, we still ask that residents call the office or email staff rather than come in to the office.  If a physical meeting is required, an appointment can then be arranged.  This is also recommended to ensure that staff are available and on site.

For a complete list of Township Staff with their phone numbers, email addresses and examples of areas they are responsible for, please visit our CONTACT US page.

When visitors come to the office for their appointment, they will notice a few new signs.  It is recommended that you read them as you enter.

Only ONE person is allowed inside the lobby at one time in order to respect physical distancing.  If someone is in the lobby when you arrive, please either wait outside 6 feet away from the door so they can exit safely, or wait in your vehicle until you see them leave or enter the building.

A new intercom/door release system has been installed on the inside set of lobby doors.

Once inside the lobby, please press the intercom button ONCE for service.  Someone will enquire as to the nature of your visit and try to assist you if possible from the lobby.

If it’s determined that you need to enter the building for staff to assist you better, you will be asked to read and respond to a few health screening questions that are on a poster above the intercom (with the stop sign on it- see photo).

If you answered yes, you will not be able to proceed further into the building and we ask that you leave and return once able to respond with ‘no’.

If you answered no, you will be told which counter to proceed to and the automatic door will be released and you can enter the building and proceed to that counter.  A mask must be worn upon entering.  If you do not have one with you, we will provide one for you. It is expected that no matter where you are in the building that you respect physical distancing at all times.

Once at the counter, you will be asked to fill out the Visitor Log sheet.  You can use the disinfected pen provided or bring your own to use, your choice.  We are keeping a log of our visitors so that should we be notified of possible exposure to COVID-19 those who may have been infected can be notified.

You will then be helped at that counter or be asked to wait in the reception area for the staff member you are to see to come and escort you to a meeting room.

Most appointments will be held in the Council Chambers where physical distancing can be adhered or where a Plexiglas divider can be used.  Note: appointments may also be held outside in the screened-in gazebo if the weather permits.

Once your appointment is over, you will need to stop and fill in the time you are leaving on the Visitor Log sheet.  Staff will then release the lobby door for you to exit.


During tax season, residents are still being encouraged to pay their taxes by mailing in a cheque (or dropping it in the drop box in the front lobby), paying online or paying at the bank (your account number is your full 19-digit roll #).  Whether or not residents will be able to pay their taxes in person will depend on the current provincial recommendations in place at that time.


Our debit machines now have covers to allow for disinfecting after use.

If you are just dropping off an item for staff (building permit application, tax payment etc.) our drop box is still available 24-7 in the front lobby.