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Volunteer Week 2020


Let’s all cheer for Augusta’s volunteers during National Volunteer Week! Aside from all of the amazing people who volunteer at our local hospitals, food bank, shelters, retirement homes and other programs, here in Augusta most of our programs and events are run solely by volunteers.

All four of our Recreation Centres (Maitland, Maynard, North Augusta & Roebuck) are run by Recreation Committees made up of volunteers.  We wouldn’t have the North Augusta Labour Day Festival without them.  Our outdoor ice rinks and the Maitland Trails are groomed & maintained by volunteers.  All of the organizers and coaches for our sports programs (baseball, soccer) are volunteers.  We even have volunteers helping out at the Public Library.

We need and rely on these wonderful, caring people.

Help us celebrate the remarkable people who give their time and energy to make our lives better!

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Considering our current situation, we’re not able to celebrate the way we were hoping to, however, Volunteer Canada has created the Cheers to Volunteers! poster which everyone can print out and decorate on your windows for all to see.

Here’s a look at our display:

township office with cutouts in windows that spell THANKS
Township Office in Maynard

Get creative & have fun!  Email your displays to officeclerk@augusta.ca and we’ll share them here and on our Facebook page!

The Henry Family Window Display
The Augusta Public Library

If you’re interested in volunteering your time, please contact Nicole Walker at nwalker@augusta.ca for more information.