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Thank you for visiting the Township of Augusta website. Should you have any questions or requests for service, please feel free to email us using the form below.  Select the appropriate department/person from the list on the left hand side of the page.  To assist you, examples of topics that each person looks after are shown in blue italics.

Mailing Address:
3560 County Road 26
Prescott, ON
K0E 1T0

Phone: 613-925-4231

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Staff Directory


Shannon Geraghty
Chief Administrative Officer
(Municipal Operations)
Extension: 102
Email: sgeraghty@augusta.ca

Annette Simonian
(Delegations to Council, Marriage Services, Commissioner of Oath, Accessibility, Economic Development)
Extension: 105
Email: asimonian@augusta.ca

Vikki Werner-Mackeler
Deputy Clerk
(General Inquiries, Website & Facebook Content, Dog Tags, Kennel Licenses)
Extension: 100
Email: officeclerk@augusta.ca

Public Works & Recreation

Jon Stadig
Acting Public Works Manager/Drainage Superintendent
Extension: 301
Email: jstadig@augusta.ca

Kathleen Cole
Public Works Coordinator
(Road Conditions, Culverts, Drainage, Road Signs, Recreation Facilities & Parks, Street Lights, Garbage & Recycling, Transfer Stations)
Extension: 301
Email: kcole@augusta.ca

Ashleigh Trickey
Fire Department Coordinator
Extension: 202
Email: atrickey@augusta.ca

Finance/Tax Department

Stephen Lunn
Finance Coordinator
(Property Taxes, Accounts Payable, Payroll)
Extension 101
Email: slunn@augusta.ca

Ann Shorey
Deputy Treasurer 
(Property Taxes, Tax Certificates, Drainage Bills)
Extension: 117
Email: ashorey@augusta.ca

Mark McDonald
Extension: 118
Email: mmcdonald@augusta.ca

By-Law Enforcement

Rob Bowman
Fire Chief & Manager of By-Law
(By-Law Questions & Complaints, Dog Complaints)
Extension: 201
Email: rbowman@augustafire.ca

Sally Mellon
Canine Control Officer
(Dog(s) Currently Running at Large, Found Dogs, Lost Dogs ONLY)
Phone: 613-803-0053


Planning & Building

Karen Morrell
Chief Building Official
(Building Permits, Inspections)
Extension: 106
Email: kmorrell@augusta.ca

Melissa Banford
(Property Zoning, Severances)
Extension: 104
Email: mbanford@augusta.ca

Leslie Peterson
Planning & Community Development Coordinator
(Septic Questions)
Extension: 110
Email: lpeterson@augusta.ca

Emergency Management

Hans Werner-Mackeler
Community Emergency Management Coordinator
(Emergency Planning, Water Testing)
Extension: 204
Email: emergplan@augusta.ca


Rob Bowman
Fire Chief & Manager of By-Law
Extension: 201
Email: rbowman@augustafire.ca

Chad Davis
Deputy Fire Chief
Extension: 203
Email: cdavis@augustafire.ca

Phillip Lawson
Fire Prevention Officer
Extension: 205
Email: plawson@augustafire.ca

Ashleigh Trickey
Fire Department Coordinator
(Burn Permits, Burn Bans, Smoke/Burning Complaints, 911#’s)
Extension: 202
Email: atrickey@augusta.ca

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