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Planning (Severances, Zoning, Minor Variances etc.)

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The Planning Department is responsible for the development and implementation of planning policies and regulations adopted by Council which are intended to promote appropriate development for Augusta Township.


Augusta Township Planning Fees Schedule


Subdividing land in Augusta Township is most frequently done by consent to sever.  Consultation with the Planning Department on a proposed severance is encouraged as it must comply with the Official Plan, Zoning By-Law, Provincial policies and other applicable requirements.  It is however, the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville who have final consent granting authority.  Visit their website for application forms and fee information.

For a brief description of the consent to sever process, visit our Severances page.

Official Plan

The Official Plan provides an overview of Council’s vision of the Township over the next several years.  It is a statement of development policies which must be reflected in all planning related decisions.  The Plan must be reviewed from time to time, a process which requires public input.

Below are links to the Plan and its associated schedules.

Official Plan Amendment (& Zoning By-Law Amendment) Application

Comprehensive Zoning By-Law

The Zoning By-Law is a more detailed land use regulatory document.  It identifies the Township’s different land use zones and the specific provisions that apply to the use of land in every zone.  Council can consider amendments to the Zoning By-Law in accordance with requirements of the Ontario Planning Act and in conformity with the Official Plan.

Comprehensive Zoning By-Law 2965-2012 was adopted by Council on October 22, 2012 and is in full force and effect.

Zoning By-Law Amendment (& Official Plan Amendment) Application


Site Plan Control

Site plan control is used commonly for commercial, industrial, institutional and large multi unit residential properties.  Through the site plan process the Township can ensure compliance with all the Township and/or agency requirements for proposed development are met and maintained (i.e. parking, setbacks, landscaping, lighting etc.).

  • Site Plan Control Application
  • Plans of Subdivision Condominium – United Counties of Leeds & Grenville is the approval authority for all plans of subdivisions, however the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee and Township Council is consulted.

For a brief description of the site plan control process, visit our Site Plan Approval page.

Minor Variance

To provide relief to property owners from a Zoning By-Law requirement they may be unable to comply with, an option may be to apply for a minor variance.  For example: if they wish to build a new garage but it would not meet the minimum setback requirement for development in that zone.

For a brief description of the minor variance process, visit our Minor Variances page.

Community Improvement Plan

In August 2020, August Township Council approved the Community Improvement Plan (CIP).


Public Meeting Videos

Visit our Public Meeting Videos page to view recordings from past public meetings.




For additional planning information, please contact the Township Planner, Melissa Banford

at mbanford@augusta.ca or by phone at 613-925-4231 ext. 104.

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