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Source Water Protection

Drinking water comes from lakes, rivers, streams and underground sources (aquifers). Drinking water sources can be easily contaminated and have a limited tolerance for stress. As a result, long-term problems can develop that are costly or even impossible to correct. In order to make sure we have enough clean water for drinking and other uses, we need to protect sources by managing the influences on them.

The goal of Source Protection is to ensure that drinking water sources are clean and safe before they are treated. Ultimately, this can save money related to water treatment, and will help to protect the source for long-term use. The Source Protection Plan, mandated by the Ontario Clean Water Act (Bill 43) and developed by the Raisin Region and South Nation Conservation Authorities, is part of a science-based, multi-barrier approach to providing clean water from source to tap in the Raisin-South Nation Source Protection Region. For the purpose of this Plan, the sources of drinking water are municipal surface water intakes and municipal ground water wells. In order to create the Source Protection Plan, the municipal drinking water sources were identified and their vulnerability was assessed.

The Town of Prescott’s municipal water source is the St. Lawrence River. The primary zone is located immediately upstream of the town. The secondary zone extends as far west as the Blue Church area. The tertiary zone includes feeder streams that flow into the river.


chart showing source water protection steps








To learn more about Source Water Protection, please visit www.yourdrinkingwater.ca.

Source Protection Plan for Raisin-South Nation Source Protection Region

Conservation Ontario produced this short video: “Do you know where your drinking water comes from?


Small Drinking Water Systems

In our rural areas, owners of businesses that offer drinking water to the public such as restaurants, gas stations, and recreational facilities are required to provide safe water. These systems are inspected by Public Health Inspectors under Regulation 319. A directive is issued to the system owner requiring them to sample the water and take any action necessary to make sure the drinking water is safe.

In keeping with Regulation 319, township staff quarterly sample and have analyzed water from Augusta’s recreation facilities, two fire stations, the ball parks, the library and the municipal office.

Homeowner Water Samplingwater testing bottle with paperwork attached

Residents of Augusta Township can have their well water tested for FREE through the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit.  Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Pick up a water sample bottle from the Health Unit office at 458 Laurier Blvd., Brockville – or – from the Augusta Township office in Maynard.
  2. Complete the paperwork attached.
  3. Following the instructions that are included, take the sample.
  4. Drop the sample off at the Health Unit office on Laurier Blvd.

The Health Unit well water sampling program tests for bacteria. Testing for minerals and chemicals can be done through a private lab.

You can learn more about how you can protect your drinking water by downloading the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority’s Ground Water Protection Workbook.



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